About Us

Our Mission is to introduce Children of all ages to the wonders of the natural world through their exciting personal experience with our animal ambassadors.


  • WEC promotes important social values.  Our personalized relationships with our animals allow us to reach audience members of all ages in a singular and memorable way.  Values of respect and responsibility are learned.


  • WEC promotes love and respect for the natural world:  Demonstrating the interdependence and interaction of all the elements and citizens of the earth, the focus is on the importance of our environment-keeping it clean and viable.


  • WEC facilitates the rescue of unwanted exotic pets.  Besides the obvious acts of kindness and care this represents, it is an opportunity to emphasize why exotics are not good pets for most people.


WEC offers a range of program sizes and theme options and are happy to customize one to meet your needs! 
Looking for an experience that is unique, exciting, informative and memorable – book your program today!



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