Best Time to Hunt Hogs

Some argue that the best time to hunt hogs is after the deer season, while many maniacs claim that in the 365 days of a year, any day is legally a good time to hunt a hog. While both are right, there are ultimately better days and seasons when they are more likely to be successful than others.

Best Time to Hunt Hogs

In this article, we will look at time frames, seasons, and instances when you are more likely to take home a catch compared to other times when it’s less likely even to see one crossing the woods. These factors include;

Time of the day

Time of the day

Hog species have adjusted to hunter’s behavior and hunting patterns. This has led them to become ‘after dark’ feeders. During the nights, the hogs are up and looking for food. However, hunting at night also comes with numerous challenges from poor shooting vision, risk of scaring away the animals, and determining their locations in the dark. You can make your hunt easier by using the ‘bait and wait’ tactic. High have a developed sense of smell.

They can detect food within a 5-7 miles radius. Make feeders with their favorite everyday food, which includes acorns, grass, tubers, roots, and fungi, and this will bring them closer to the baits. Set up baits in areas with clear visibility, especially in open fields where targeting a shoot will be easy. Remember to use discerning lights to ensure you make a kill. Red light is best. If you use too much bright light, it will scare away the hogs, and you might end up becoming the subject.

Time of the year

December to January is the best hunting season of the year to hunt hogs. During this time, the animals have inadequate food in their natural habitats. They tend to move longer distances and for longer periods in search of food. You are likely to be luckier in your hunt at such times.


Lower temperatures in the early mornings and late nights create the need for hogs to go out in search of food. They require more energy to fight freezing temperatures.

General weather conditions

Do not go hunting in strong winds. Owing to their strong sense of smell, they will easily detect you when the winds are much stronger.

Light rains and cold fronts will increase your chances of spotting a hog on the move.

The barometric pressure is also a major consideration for successful hunters. When the geometric pressure is high, they will more likely detect you. Opt for times of the day when the pressure is much lower. During full moon or when the moon is bright, they don’t come out of their hiding places to be hunted.

Breeding periods

Hogs Breeding periods

Hogs breed at no specific time of the year. However, breeding seasons are more towards or rather during spring and fall. They have a gestation period of 114 days. This means during this period it’s a perfect time to go hunting. The time of weaning the young ones, there is competition for food among the flock. They become less vigilant due to the demand for food and stretch their territory. Like a good hunter, you should take advantage of the confusion and make a catch.

On hot days, hogs like to smear their bodies with mud to cool themselves and to get relief from biting insects. This is a good track to follow the herd. Follow the tracks of their footprints that nearly look like those of a deer. The prints are almost square in shape but slightly shorter than those of the deer. Look at the toe, and if it’s blunt, then you are definitely following one. As they move in small herds, they rub their bodies on trees, logs, electric poles, and fences.

If you find fresh mud, then keep moving. As you already know, hogs feed on tubers, acron, and roots. Just look at the scratches on the ground as they look for food. From the moisture levels, you can tell age of the hogs ahead and a rough estimate of the time they were there. This will guide you on how much longer to follow. This will also prepare you for how best to prepare when you finally get to your prey.


Now that we have gone through most of the time, factors that can guide you to a successful hunt, I think you are in a better position to access the most suitable for you. Following some of the tips outlined above, you are a more equipped hunter.

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