Best Time to Hunt Turkey?

Turkeys are native to North America’s forests but are also found in many other parts of the world. Their population reduced some time drastically in the past, but it seems the number is steadily growing once again. With their population increasing, more hunters are slowly but steadily dusting off their hunting gear and heading for the woods.

This critical transition in turkey hunting calls for a better understanding of the hunting clock by the so-called hunters. Do you want to know the best time to hunt turkey? This guide will take you through it all so that by the time you are through with reading it, you will be a much better turkey hunter than when you started.

Best Time to Hunt Turkey?

Understand Their Environment

Understand the Environment to Hunt Turkey

Generally, to be a great hunter, you need to be open-minded and flexible. You should be ready to study the animals or birds that you intend to hunt. You also need to understand their environment and how they react to their surroundings and the changes that occur. Turkey, for instance, has been many hunters’ main focus, especially now that the festive season is here, and turkey meat is on high demand. Some of these hunters record low kills even when they should not just because there are things they are probably not doing right.

Being so smart, these birds are not easy to understand. Underestimating their level of intelligence would be a big mistake for an aspiring hunter. It might be the reason you will not make any kill soon. Since the birds have learned how to adapt so effectively to their ever-changing environment, understanding their clock is even trickier.

Amazingly, Turkey continues to survive all over the world despite its shrinking habitat. Regardless of where you are hunting from, the tips provided in this guide would apply. A wild turkey is not so much difficult to hunt if you know where, how, and when to hunt them.

Time Variables to Consider as a Turkey Hunter

Various factors affect the ability of any hunter to record a high number of kills. You simply have to understand both the birds and how changes in their environments affect their behaviors. As well as choose the right shotgun choke for hunting turkey. What time are they more active and vocal? What time are they not? Such information will widen your skills and increase your chances of success in the hunting field.


You have to be at the right place at the right time if you want to be more successful in hunting turkey. Wild turkey mostly nests in largely forested parts. The large wave of deforestation has forced them to stop to the lest forested areas too. If you want to hunt these birds better, try out areas around Wisconsin, New York, Missouri, Alabama, and Pennsylvania.

Solunar Calendar

Movements of wild animals and birds is believed to be affected by the size or shape and position of the moon. Hunters and fishermen have used this theory since time immemorial. Likewise, it continues to be accepted and adopted by hunters today.


Which Shotgun Choke is Best For Hunting A Large, Slow Bird, Such As A Turkey

Turkey’s movement is also significantly affected by the time of the year. As a hunter, you need to determine the time of years that is best for hunting turkey in your area or region. Most areas and dates, the best time to hunt turkey falls between early spring and late fall.

Time of Day

Not every time is right for turkey hunting. Be informed that there times when the birds are more active and times when you cannot see even a single one anywhere for hours. Mornings are still the best times to hunt turkey. They make their nests in trees and on the ground in wooded places. Therefore, the best time to hunt these animals would be the first thing in the morning. Early afternoon hours are also great for hunting these birds.

Weather Condition

General weather conditions can also determine the perfect time to go turkey hunting. These birds are typically active during calm, clear weather conditions.  That is why they are easier to spot in the morning and during early afternoon hours. Their activity decreases with bad weather such as rain and strong. Wet and rainy days are usually very bad for turkey. They are neither vocal nor very active like they are during other times.


Just like it is with humans when the weather is too hot or too cold, the activities of the turkey slow down. Finding then during such temperature is almost impossible. As a hunter, you should schedule your hunting to occur when the weather is between 60-69 degrees Fahrenheit because that is the time when the birds are more vocal and active.


Wind can ruin it for you big time. When you miscalculate the wind’s movement, and you set off to the hunting field ignorantly, what awaits you on the field is a disappointment in its true form. Avoid hunting turkey during windy times. It is both a big source of distraction for the hunter and discomfort for the birds. Wind will interfere with your ability to hear the sound of the turkey. The birds are often quieter when the wind is moderate to strong.

Factor Difference

All the factors mentioned above will influence turkey hunting time in different ways or capacities. You can greatly benefit from this information regardless of where you normally hunt. If you consider all these factors, your hunting capability and your level of success as a hunter may be heightened a great deal. You just need to understand the birds and how they behave first, then combine that knowledge with that of their environment, and voila, you are going to be great at it.

Final Verdict

With all this information in mind and if you take it all into consideration, then understanding the birds will not be a problem at all. Hitting the woods at the right time can help you become more successful at hunting. This guide elaborates on the best time to hunt turkey and how to use the information to increase your chances of making turkey kills. All the best in your turkey hunting endeavors.

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