Bog Death Grip vs Hog Saddle

Some necessary items that make your hunting session easier are tripods-like stands that balances your gun and rests on. Another one being a mobile shooting platform.These two things combined can make your hunting session an enjoyable one.

Bog Death Grip and Hog Saddle are two such products that do just the same. One provides stability for your gun to stand on so you don’t have to manually reset and reposition every time you need to move a little. While Hog Saddle holds the tip of your gun so you don’t have to and rest on it.

This article will talk about both these products in detail and explain their similarities as well as benefits alike. 

Bog Death Grip vs Hog Saddle 

Apart from the obvious benefit of stability that both these products provide, some differences as well as all the benefits and similarities they share and provide for the user. 

Bog Death Grip vs Hog Saddle

Bog Death Grip

The Bog Death Grip tripod is made of aluminium to provide as much stability as possible to hold your ammo. It is claimed to be the most stable platform for you to shoot from as the aluminium legs are unmatched to any other of its kind. 


The Bog Death Grip comes in two different materials that are available. One of which is made of carbon fiber and weighs in at 7.5lbs. While the other is made of aluminium that weighs a little more than the carbon fiber version, weighing in only at 8.5lbs. 

Both these versions provide maximum stability to your weapon allowing you to be hands free while having your weapon ready to shoot at the sight of prey. It can secure any rifle, shotgun or any other long guns that you may have that adapts perfectly well to any shooting stance or distance. 

Angle And Swivel

The head on this tripod allows you to be able to tilt the weapons at 25 degrees forward and 50 degrees backwards and a full 360 degrees circle swivel as well. 

Even with all that comfort provided, the swivel does come with adjustable tension for easy controlled movement of direction. The easy and smooth swivel tension allows seamless scanning of the landscape as you search for a prey without having to reset or readjust every time you move. 

Bog Death Grip


The main difference between the aluminium and the carbon fiber versions are mostly about the weight and the fact that aluminium can potentially bend and easily which is not the matter with carbon fibers. Carbon fiber is tensile and ductile which ensures more durability. 

The carbon fiber version of the Death Grip is just a little heavier compared to the aluminium one. It does come 3 times stronger as well and is guaranteed to provide stability without hindering the performances by any means. 

This applies for both versions of the product except one is just a little lighter than the other. 


The Death Grip tripod stands at a maximum of 78 inches in length which is totally changeable. This adjustable length allows you to move and change the length of the tripod depending on your need. 

The lock levers on each of the legs ensures no movement of the legs once you have placed and set it down. Therefore, more convenience and easy accessibility during hunting sessions. 


Does Bog Death Grip Require A Lot Of Maintenance?

Ans: Maintaining and cleaning the Bog Death Grip is rather easy. Since it is made of both carbon fiber and aluminium, both require minimum effort to maintain and clean. 

Any cleaning solution or spray on a damp cloth should be enough to clean whatever dirt and debris is on the stand. The materials used on it also doesn’t allow dirt or debris to stick to the surface much. A wipe should be enough.

Will Hog Saddle Rust?

Ans: . Apart from the entire platform being incredibly rust-resistant, the only metals used in making the Hog Saddle are aluminium aned stainless steel which are highly rust resistant themselves too. 

Hog Saddle

Unless you are dragging the platform through the ocean on a daily basis, you should not face any issues involving rust.

Where are Hog Saddles made and manufactured from?

Ans: All the products and materials used in making Hog Saddles are made and manufactured in the United States. Forging, manufacturing, assembling and sewing of all of the products are done in the US (Berry Compliant).

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In the end, both these items serve completely different purposes and aids in shooting. However, when combined together, they offer an incredibly precise and balanced hunting experience

That being said, it is always important to know whether these are compatible for your needs and your weapons as well. It is important to check the compatibility as well as portability as you will need to carry them with you on your hunting journeys. 

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