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WEC brings our animals to you!

Collectively we have over 200 animals in our care.

Including over 60 different species of mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and insects.

We group the animals according to themes or we can customize a program for you.

 Some of our popular themed programs include:

  • Hiawatha & Friends (Umbrella Cockatoo with 300 word vocabulary!)
  • Diversity of Life (species from the various classes of animals)
  • Rainforest Wonders (bugs, reptiles, mammals & birds)
  • Primarily Primates
  • Bug Zoo
  • Prey and Predators
  • We also have interactive programs with one of our members in a costume who leads kids through an enactment in the life of a: Kestrel, Red Fox, Arctic Fox, Wolf, Coyote, Hawk… with more to come!

   We offer 4 different Programs:

  • Basic Program: includes up to 5 exotic animals and lasts up to 45 minutes,  fee is $175.00.  Perfect for unforgettable birthday parties, library programs, nursing homes, scouts and more.
  • Premium Program: includes up to 12 exotic animals and 1-1.5 duration.  With some of our premium animals, fees ranges from $2,000 – $2,500.  These programs also fulfill NYS Education Standards so they are great for schools, science fairs and museums.
  • Custom Program:  can range from $125 for one person and one animal to $20,000 for a full blown wildlife festival.  You choose theme for your event and we will custom design a program for you.   Think Wildlife Festival or extra special children’s party or corporate event.
  • New – Comfort Critters: includes pet-able animals – perfect for young children and seniors who like to hold and pet animals.  Price based on number of programs and critters.

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