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WEC brings our animals to you!

We have a number of different species of various mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles.

We group the animals according to themes or we can customize a program for you.

 Some of our popular themed programs include:

  • Hiawatha & Friends (Umbrella Cockatoo with 300 word vocabulary!)
  • Diversity of Life (species from the various classes of animals)
  • Rain Forest Wonders  (reptiles, mammals & birds)
  • Prey and Predators

   We offer 4 different Programs:

  • Basic Program: includes up to 5 exotic animals and lasts 45 minutes.  Perfect for birthday parties, library programs, nursing homes, scouts and more.
  • Premium Program: great for school assembly programs, science fairs and museums.  We have programs focused on supporting the Next Generation of Science Standards and can fulfill NYS Education Standards.
  • Custom Program:  Think Wildlife Festival or extra special children’s party or corporate event.  You choose theme of the event and we will work with you to create a memorable event.
  • New – Comfort Critters: includes pet-able animals – perfect for young children and seniors who like to hold and pet animals.

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