Draw Length Vs Arrow Length

While playing archery we get to see several lengths. Interestingly, a simple mismatch can make your aim dwindle. 

However, draw length and arrow are one of those considerable facts. Besides the concept of draw length vs arrow length comes with another new juxtaposition.

In particular, draw length refers to the distance of the grip’s throat from the nock point. Furthermore, you are to add 1 and ¾ inches with your grip throat’s distance. 

Contrastingly, arrow length is an outcome of arrow spine and draw length. For example, your draw length is 29 inches. 

In that case, your arrow should end at the riser’s front. Afterwards, the distance of your arrow length will be 28 inches. 

Let’s see how we can identify the draw length and arrow length and utilise its best performance. 

Draw Length Vs Arrow Length: Comparison Table

FeaturesDraw LengthArrow Length 
Has to do withBending elbowRear level arm
AffectsBody positionAccuracy
Results of longevityHarms shooting formHarms accuracy of arrows
DistanceLength of arrowLength of arrow shaft
Way of measuringStand and stretch your armsFrom back to nock’s throat

Draw Length: How to identify it?

Usually the compound archer requires a length like an arrow to have an accurate shot. And this type of adjustment is also known as draw length. 

Well, draw length is a combined distance of 1 and ¾ inches in grips’ from the throat to the nock point. However, measuring a draw Length is not so hard. Just use your back and stand to a wall and stretch your arms. Make sure you are stretching your arms against that wall. 

In many archery shops and country sides, they use draw length from a long time. Now the question is, how to calculate a draw length. You just need to measure your arm span by dividing it with 2.5. 

As said above, you will need to stretch your arms against the wall you will be hitting. This is exactly how we need to measure our arm span in the same way.

Remember to identify the perfect draw length before using your arrow. Since it will affect your accuracy, you must counter the temptation too. 

Now and then your wingspan is going to be the same as your height, i.e in inches. So just subtract 15 from your height and then divide it by 2. The number you will get is your draw length. Besides, it is a nice starting point to have. 

Arrow Length: How to identify it?

The magnitude of force in archery represents the arrow length. The longer your arrow, the larger your force magnitude will become.

Wherever you will exert force, your arrow will correspond towards that direction. Now, how to measure an arrow length? 

Just see from the point of your back towards the nock. One important thing in arrow length is, it gets influenced from the arrow spine and draw length as well. 

Suppose, your draw length is 28 inch. So your arrow will end at the riser’s front. At that time, the arrow length should be 27 inch. 

You must have heard a phrase which says, cut it no shorter than the middle of the riser. While having a full draw, your arrow will sit on the shelf. Not on the side of the shelf, but on the middle of the shelf. 

Anyways, we want to determine our arrow length in the best way. For this reason, you have to knock the full length and draw it on the back. Do not forget to uncut the arrow in the middle.  

If you want the arrow to be more stable, go with a longer arrow. As arrow length requires the use of a rear level arm, it is going to affect the accuracy in your aiming.

Draw Length Vs Arrow Length: Know the difference

Actually draw length and arrow length do not have much difference as we see. Yet, some unique and pin factors are somewhere making them unique. 

One of the main reasons why draw length and arrow length are not the same is because of their way of measuring

Draw Length Vs Arrow Length

The distance of the nock point from the throat’s deepest grip refers to draw length. And yes, the nock point needs to be added with 1.75“. Whereas, the arrow length is totally dependent on the arrow shaft. In fact, the distance of the arrow shaft is the arrow length

By going back, you need to measure your arrow length like how you have measured draw length.

It depends on the bows and how their draw length will be. Similarly, a compound bow’s draw length and a recurve bow’s draw length are never the same. Same goes for the arrow length as well.

Although draw length is easier to find, arrow length is crucial for our safety. If you have a too short arrow, that could be riskier. Therefore, you will get to face some imperfect and less powerful shots.

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Should a draw length and an arrow length be the same?

Draw length and arrow length should not be the same. Generally, draw length should be smaller than arrow length. By having an arrow length which is more than the draw, your arrow will clear the bow and not come off from your rest. 

Remember, not to overdraw even a bit. Or else, there could be dangerous outcomes in your archery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a draw length be too long?

A long draw length will not be convenient enough to aim at archery. Once you keep your draw length in a big distance, the string will go too far. Indeed, the string will touch the end of your mouth’s corner. When you use this string, it will rest on your nose’s side. 

Again, a fine draw length will be apparent by keeping your torso straight and do not lean even a little. Accordingly, keep your arm soft and don’t give any extra pressure or keep it stiff.

Can an arrow length be too long?

There is nothing wrong if an arrow length is long. But if it is longer than what you need, the dynamic spine of your arrow will become too low. Hence, it will not stay in an accurate position like it should have been. On the contrary, your arrow will look more like a “fishtail” in flight. Those who are right handed archers, even they will fly their arrows on the right side as well.

Are longer arrows good?

For a slow and stable arrow, people choose longer arrows specifically. Still, longer arrows are not going to make your task harder. Compared to lighter arrows, longer arrows keep their velocity consistent. Due to a short and fast arrow, you will find more drag, which reduces penetrations. Since longer arrows flex more in impact, they give no hand in reducing penetration.

How does draw length matter?

No matter what type of bow you have, draw length plays a vital role every time. You can determine the size and length of your arrows with it. Not only that, your size of bow is completely dependent on the draw length. Compound shooters are especially certain with their draw length. And this length helps them to shoot consistently even though the bows do not come in exact size.

End Note

Undoubtedly, draw length and arrow length gave us a chunk of confusion. However, we got our answers to all the questions regarding them. Wherever you go for archery, make sure your draw length is always accurate. 

Just stand straight and stretch your arms to figure out the draw length. Similarly, measure from the back to your nock’s throat to find your arrow length.

You can’t make any mistake while bending your elbow as it totally affects your shot.

For now, arrow length is a significant thing to keep your safety. We know, an arrow length is none other than a length of arrow shaft. 

If the arrow shaft is too long or too short, not only we miss the shot but also get into some risks.

This is all for today. Bye-bye.

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