Elk Poop vs Moose Poop: What are the Differences?

Suppose you wandered into the forest and found a pile of poop lying around. It looks round, oval-shaped, and has a concave end. Is it elk poop? Or is it from a Moose? 

Well, between Elk Vs. Moose, Elk poop is a little smaller, whereas the moose poop is about 1 inch long and 5/8 inch in diameter. However, large elk may leave the same length and diameter as a moose poop. The only way to determine moose poop and elk poop are by the color, shape and attachment of the poop.

Moose poops are taper on one side and have a slight dish shape on one side. 

Elk poop is similar to deer poop, with the same almond shape and green or brown hue. It is also a bit darker. 

Still confused? Go through our comparison chart to know more. 

Elk Poop vs Moose Poop

Elk poop Vs. Moose poop: Comparison chart

Factors Moose poopElk Poop
AppearanceOval shaped (1-1.5 inch in length and 0.5-0.8 inch in diameter)Oval shaped (0.8-0.9 inch in length, and 0.4-0.7 in diameter)
In WinterDry oval nuggets and is found in pilesTakes the form of pellets
In SpringMushroom shaped or looks like dumbbellsLooks the same, but a little softer and in piles
DrynessIt is more moist and will leave a longer drag mark on bootsIt is less moist 
After agingTurns brownTurns black 

Regular color
Light brownMedium to dark brown
Amount of cellulose MoreLess

Elk poop: How does it look?

Elk poop looks somewhat similar to a regular deer poop with oval-shaped piles. Depending on the season and area, the poop may look different. 

In the winter, elk poop looks like pellets and oval-shaped piles. 

Whereas, In spring, the poop may look softer due to the presence of vegetation. 

The diameter of the poop may vary from 0.4-0.7 inches. On the other hand, female elks have a smaller poop size. It is kinda hard, has a medium to dark brown color, and has a low amount of cellulose. 

Fresh elk poop tends to be more moist and will harden with time. They will also turn black with time. 

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Moose poop: How does it look?

Similar to Elk poop, moose poop depends on the season. It ranges from 1-1.5 inches in length and 0.5-0.8 inches in diameter. 

In the spring, moose poop resembles dumbbell-shaped or kinda like mushrooms. However, in the winter, they take oval ball shape and contain high amounts of cellulose. 

You will find moose poop in piles, which is a little moist. When you drag your boot on fresh moose poop, the moisture content makes it leave a drag mark. 

Having a light brown color, moose poop looks somewhat similar to cow dung. With time, the poop takes a light brown color and hardens up. 

Elk poop Vs. Moose poop: Head to head

Elk poop and Moose poop look a lot different than what you think. Except for the similar shape, almost nothing matches with each other. Here is why: 

Regular shape and size

Both elk poop and moose poop have an oval shape. However, Elk poop is a little smaller in shape. Moose poop stands at a length of 1-1.5 inches, and elk poop is about 0.8 to 0.9 inches. The diameter of both the poops is similar, whereas moose poop is a few centimeters smaller. 

In winters

During the cold winter, the amount of vegetation is low. In this time, Moose poop is oval nugget shaped and is often found in piles. On the other hand, elk poop forms pellets and is also oval-shaped. 

In Spring

At this time of the year, both moose have a lot of food growing around. Moose poop takes a mushroom-like shape or kinda like dumbbells. In comparison, elk ones turn softer and lighter. 

Color and hue

The color of fresh moose poop is light brown. Elk poop is medium to dark brown. Old moose poop may turn dark. However, elk poop will always turn black. 

Moisture and cellulose content

The moisture content of moose poop is more than elk poop. If you press on it, the poop will turn flat at the slightest touch. It also contains more cellulose and plant fiber. 

How do you tell the difference between moose and elk poop?

To tell the difference between moose and elk poop, you need to see the color, shape, moisture level, and hardness. Tips For Elk Hunting Beginners: Elk poop looks darker, and the moose one is a light brown from the starter period. Then again, moose poop is softer and is moister. 

Drag your boot on the fresh poop, and if it leaves a drag mark, then the poop is of moose. In the case of old, dried-up poop, the elk poop is black, and the moose poop is light brown. 


How many times do moose poop a day?

Mooses typically poop from three to four times per day. However, this amount depends on the age and weight of the moose. A newborn moose will poop much more frequently than a grownup one. 

Can moose poop look like bear poop?

Moose poop can look like bear poop in the spring. Bears and mooses have totally different food habits. This is why their poop isn’t exactly the same. However, they do share a resemblance in spring, when the poop of moose turns dumbbell-shaped. In Winters, moose poop will turn into dry oval nuggets and is found in piles. So, don’t just call the forest department, thinking it’s a bear. The poop can also be of moose. 

How do I know if my poop is moose?

To know if your found moose poop is with the color, shape, and weight. Moose moose has a lighter brown color, and the shape is oval. Its length is about 1-1.5 inches, and its diameter is 0.5-0.8 inches. Then again, don’t forget to check the moisture content. The poop is easy to squish if it is fresh. Old poop will turn dark brown with time and will harden up. 

Why is moose poop in pellets?

Moose poop in pellets due to the food they eat. Mooses can’t reach the ground grass due to their big body. So, they feed on barks, leaves, twigs, and so on. Newborn mooses don’t have this problem, so they usually don’t poop into pellets. Mooses are also ruminants, which makes their poop uniform and pellet-like. In winter, their pool will appear dry oval nuggets and is found in piles.

What does a pile of moose poop look like?

A pile will look different depending on the season. If the season is winter, the pool will take an oval shape and will be stacked in piles. Then again, during spring, the poop will take a mushroom shape or look like dumbbells. Female moose have smaller poop sizes when compared to male ones. The pool length and diameter is about 1-1.5 inch and 0.5-0.8 inches, respectively. 

End note

Hope you got the idea of how elk poop and moose poop looks. Moses are a bigger relative of deer, so they pool in bigger chunks. On the other hand, Elks aren’t as big, so they poop in smaller pellets, ranging from 0.8 to 0.9 inches. 

Elk poop is less moist and has a dark brown hue. If you leave Elk poop side by side, the moose poop will look bigger and has a sticky outer layer. You can squash moose poop with the slightest press of the boot. 

Then again, when moose poop turns older, it becomes hard and dark brown. However, elk poop will turn black.

This is all for today. Bye, and have a good day.

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