Heater Body Suit vs. IWOM vs. Arctic Shield

Whether hunting deer or practicing shooting, using special types of suits is very important to survive in a rough environment. The Heater bodysuit, IWOM XT, and the Arctic Shield are popular suits for these types of situations. 

So if you want to choose one of them, you need to know the major factors of “Heater Body Suit vs. IWOM vs. Arctic Shield”.

Each of them has its own features, benefits, and disadvantages. To make the best decision, it is important you know every detail and the differences among them. Only then you can enjoy your shooting.

What is a heater bodysuit?

It is a special one-piece hunting suit that is very popular for its warm body structure. The suit also makes you very quiet, which is very essential for hunting. 

These suits come from Green Bay, Wisconsin. This area is well known for providing good quality American clothing. So you can use it for hunting.

What is IWOM? 

It is also a special type of hunting suit that is popular for its insulating system. It can easily help in both warm and cold weather. You can also hunt quietly with these suits.

What is an arctic shield?

This hunting suit is very affordable because of its low specs and features. However, it can still help your hunting process. It only has one camouflage, so you can’t hunt all types of environments with it.

Heater body suit vs. IWOM vs. Arctic shield

Comparison TopicHeater bodysuitIWOM XTArctic shield
Does it provide enough heat?YesYes No
Does it have a quiet body structure?YesYesNo
Weather ProtectionWater-Resistant and windproofWaterproof and windproofWaterproof and windproof
Pockets 2 pockets6 pockets2 pockets
Insulation300g 3M Ultra Thinsulate150g Premium 3M ThinsulateRetain Heat Retention System
Can it control scent?NoYesNo

When should you use a heater bodysuit? 

You can use the Heater Bodysuits at different times. They are described below.

Cold weather

The Heater bodysuits are made with 300g of 3M Ultra Thinsulate, which is very thick. The shapes of these suits almost look like giant sleeping bags. You can even wear heavy winter clothes inside these suits. 

Hunting deer

These suites are very quiet because of the polyester tricot cloth. The zippers are also well structured, so they don’t make noises when opening or closing. 

Shooting while hunting

This suit doesn’t have any kind of armhole, so if you want to shoot with it, you must unzip it first. You don’t have to feel the extra pressure of the huge suit while shooting.

In different environments

These suits come with four different types of camouflage patterns so you don’t have to use a white ice suit in a grass environment or vice versa. These patterns are Mossy Oak Break-Up Country, Realtree Xtra, Predator Fall Gray, and Solid Black.

The cons of the heater bodysuit

This suit has some cons also. They are described below. 

Don’t come with enough pockets

These suits have only two pockets located on the inside part of each leg area. They are not big enough.

This suit is not fully waterproof

The cloth that is used to build these suits isn’t completely waterproof. You and the important tools like your cell phone, GPS, or rangefinder may get wet. In the worst circumstances, you may get hypothermia.

When should you use an arctic shield? 

You can use the arctic shield at different times. They are described below.

Cold weather

This suit can be used in cold weather, thanks to its 150g Premium 3M Thinsulate cloth that can insulate air perfectly. It also comes with a head net and a face mask that can  protect you from insects or cold weather. 

In rainy weather

These suits also have an attached rain hood to save you from the rain even if you don’t wear a hat. The hat also gives you a perfect view while hunting.

It may also be used for sneaky hunting

Because of the polyester tricot textiles, these suites are exceptionally quiet. The soft bodies aid in reducing noise, which is highly useful while hunting.

Suitable for a variety of environments 

These suits are available in four distinct camouflage designs. But the colors are different.

The cons of the arctic shield

This suit has some cons as well. They are described below. 

The suits may feel bulky 

If you try to shoot with them while wearing them, it can feel heavy for you. 

The attached helmet can feel disturbing for some hunters 

It comes with an attached helmet, but some hunters may find it irrelevant and disturbing. Sometimes they also get in your eyes while shooting.

When should you use an IWOM suit?

You can use the IWOM suit at different times. They are described below.

These outfits may be worn in freezing weather

The aluminized polypropylene layer on the fabric is excellent at insulating air. A head net and a face mask are also included to protect you from insects and cold weather.

Suitable for rainy days

There is also a rain hood connected to these outfits. Even if you don’t wear a hat, these hoods can keep you dry in the rain.

It may also be used for sneaky hunting like deer or bird hunting

These suites are very quiet because of the aluminized polypropylene layer on the fabric. It is quite important while hunting.

The cons of the IWOM suit

There are also some cons to this suit. They are described below.

They have only one type of camouflage pattern

There is just one sort of camouflage pattern included with this costume. You won’t be able to utilize it in every hunting location.

The boot areas of these suits are not attached with rubber

Though the foot areas of this suit are thick compared to other suits, they are not attached with rubber. Since rubber does not allow heat to escape, this suit cannot keep the feet warm properly as there is no rubber.

Head to-head comparison

The heater body suit has 4 types of camouflage as well as the IWOM XT. But the arctic shield has only one. The heater body suit provides the best heat and quietness possible. The IWOM XT can also provide enough warmth and quiet. 

Heater Body Suit vs. IWOM vs. Arctic Shield

But the arctic shield can’t warm you enough. Both the IWOM XT and the Arctic Shield are waterproof and water-resistant. However, the heater body is water-resistant, but it is not waterproof. 

It also doesn’t come with any type of headgear, whereas the other two have headgear. The heater body and arctic shield have only two pockets each, whereas the IWOM XT has six.

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The heater bodysuit, IWOM XT, and arctic shield have major differences because of their build materials and work environments. You need to choose one of them according to your hunting area.

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So you should learn the basic factors of, “Heater body suit vs. IWOM vs. Arctic Shield.” 

If you want to hunt near your house, the IWOM XT is more than enough because of its affordability and heat and water resistance. You also don’t need extra pockets while hunting near areas of your house. 

But when you are hunting in an area that is not very close to your house, you should choose the heater body or the arctic shield because of their extra warmth, providence, and water, sound, and air resistance. They are both equally good and help perfectly with their body structure while hunting

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