How Far Do Squirrels Travel (You’ve never known it before!)

Cute, fearless, timid, curious, and loquacious are some phrases that go with squirrels. There is no activity a squirrel can’t do. It can dig, climb, and run faster. 

But do you know how far do squirrels travel? 

It depends on the species of squirrels, where they live, and the source of food. Below, we break down everything you need to know about the whereabouts of squirrels and how long-distance they can travel within a day or their entire life. 

So, let’s get started right here. 

How Far Do Squirrels Travel In A Day

Squirrels can travel up to 2 miles per day. This travel range is considered as their safe wander-around range. They never go longer than this from their territory. 

However, a squirrel can go up to 10 miles a day, but it struggles to return to its colony. 

Indeed, the activity range of squirrels is less than five miles. So, if you don’t want to lose your pet squirrels, never allow them to go up to 5 miles.

On the other hand, you can let the squirrels travel up to 10 miles if you want them not to return to your home. 

How Far Do Squirrels Travel

How Far Do Squirrels Travel From Nest

The travel range of a squirrel depends on the age, species, and source of food. 

For example, the little kittens don’t go farther than two miles from their nest or home when they leave the nest. 

If the nest of squirrels is within your yard, they wander around your home or garden, your next-door neighbor’s home, or even the nearest park. 

However, squirrels can go longer distances based on their genders. For example, a male squirrel can travel far away than a female. 

Based on the source of food, squirrels can travel 2-5 miles or more. If there is enough source to get food, squirrels never go far away more than 2 miles. 

Keep in mind; squirrels make their home where they get food and water easily. 

How Far Do Squirrels Travel In Their Life

It’s typical to say how far squirrels travel in their entire life. Actually, it depends on how long they live and how hard you throw them. 

However, a wild grey squirrel gets a year of lifespan, and it could travel roughly 151,372,800 miles in that year. 

But the experience we gained says a different thing. Our pet squirrels never ventured far from a two-block radius and spent most of the time around the trees of your home. If the squirrels get enough food to eat in the surroundings where they live, they never go a long way to find food. 

How Far Do Grey Squirrels Travel 

Based on habitat quality, the home range of a grey squirrel can be 1-25  acres. Indeed, grey squirrels have the largest territory compared to red squirrels. 

They can travel far away and can return to their nest without any trouble. 

Like other species of squirrels, grey squirrels never travel far away from the home if there is enough source to get food & water. 

How Far Do Red Squirrels Travel

The territory of a red squirrel is less than a grey squirrel. It often wanders around 1-2 miles from their nest and finds food to eat between this range. 

In a rare case, a squirrel can go 5 miles from its home. However, the travel distance may increase or decrease based on the species. For example, a wild red squirrel can travel more miles than a squirrel that lives in a city area. 

If you have a red squirrel and you don’t want it to come back to your home, let it travel up to 10 miles. 


Why Is It Illegal To Release A Trapped Squirrel?

Cops will be waiting for you if you release a squirrel outside of its living territory. It is illegal for many reasons but the main reason is to stop transmitting diseases from one place to another. 

Do squirrels stay in one area?

Squirrels love to stay and live in one area with their fellow squirrels. Indeed, they live in colonies as they are highly territorial. 

What does it mean when a squirrel stares at you?

When a squirrel stares at you, it means it tries to sense you to check whether you harm it or not. If the squirrels feel unsafe, they will run away. 

Do squirrels recognize you?

Yes, squirrels recognize you. Even they will come for food if they get trained. 

What does it mean when a squirrel does flip?

It could be a warning to predators that the squirrel is ready to attach when a squirrel flips its tail. 

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So, how far do squirrels travel?

Squirrels travel up to 2 miles from their nest to find food. However, they never go a block of distance if there is enough food to eat where they live. 

On other hand, if you want your squirrels not to come to your home, leave it up to 10 miles from your yard. 

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