How Long Can a Squirrel Live Without Food and Water

Certain species of squirrels can detect food covered by a large hip of sand. The squirrel is an intelligent and resourceful rodent. Like every living thing, their bodies need energy from food and water to survive or thrive. The maximum a squirrel can survive without food or water is eight days, but it can hardly survive two days without water.

Squirrels need both food and water to maintain good health, go hunting for more food and most importantly, to survive. Without food and water in the right quantity, squirrels are at great risk of death as they can become more susceptible to attacks from predators.

How Long Can a Squirrel Live Without Food and Water

Going to Know Them

Squirrels belong to the Sciuridae family, a family that comprises small and medium-size rodents. There are three families of these squirrels: chipmunks, ground squirrels, marmots, prairie dogs, and flying squirrels, amongst other rodents. Squirrels are indigenous to Eurasia, Africa, and America. They were first introduced in Australia by humans. Dating back to their earliest discovery from the Eocene epoch, squirrels have a huge connection with the mountain beaver and the dormice compared to other living rodent families.

Squirrels can survive in virtually every environment, from the semiarid wasteland to the tropical rain forest avoiding only the driest of wastelands and the highest polar regions. Squirrels are primarily herbivorous rodents, surviving on nuts and seeds, although various survive on small vertebrates and insects.

Commonly, squirrels die due to predation or traffic accident than starvation or thirst. A squirrel can go extra to get food themselves. They are exceptional climbers or diggers because they can dig the ground or climb the tallest tree to get food.

Due to global warming, there is a tension that this lasting phenomenon may change eventually, and the unusual can happen, that squirrels might begin to die of hunger and starvation. Our environments are becoming inhospitable due to the increase in temperature across the planet and biodiversity decrease; trees and crops now produce lesser fruit as a result. Therefore, the squirrel’s main source of food is drying up.

How Long Can a Squirrel Live without Water or Food

Every creature requires water to be able to survive. These squirrels cannot survive without water or food. Although the squirrel can strive for 5 to 8 days without food, it can’t survive more than a day without water. A baby squirrel survives longer, and its lifespan increase when it’s around the mother.

More often than not, squirrels have their home on the ground. You may feel this squirrel is helpless or an orphan, but it might have just switched paths with the mother. Therefore, it is in his favor that you try to return to the mother.

Rearing a baby squirrel at home should be a final alternative. It’s tough to achieve, and there’s a lesser possibility of achieving it. But if you have to rear a squirrel in your garden, it is essential to note that feeding baby squirrels should occur at the interval of every 2 to 3 hours. To keep a baby squirrel alive regular feeding is vital.

Although you might not need to bother about giving it water until the baby squirrel has grown past the formulas stage, while weaning, formula serves all the squirrel’s hydration and food needs. When the baby has passed the weaning stage, ensure constant access to clean water for the baby.

How Do Squirrels Get Water or Food

Squirrels depend on rivers, lakes, streams, standing waters, and lines to quench their thirst in the wild. And during winter, they rely on snow, bird water feed, standard, or rainwater. Water is crucial to the survival of the squirrel. A squirrel can hardly survive for more than 24hours without water. Therefore, a squirrel strives to get its water.

Additionally, it is common for squirrels to eat nuts. It is uncommon to see them drink water. When squirrels need water, they get fresh water from bird bowls or feeders, from taps, plants, vegetables, fruits, and insects.

How Much Water Do Squirrels Need to Survive

Generally, squirrels need 30 ML to 60ML water to survive, but not every squirrel needs that much. The quantity of water required by squirrels depends on age, gender, place, or season.

Squirrels can find food for themselves. Therefore, sometimes, it’s reasonable to allow them to locate food for themselves. Squirrels mostly dwell around areas with bountiful natural resources. Consequently, you can encourage squirrels to live in your garden by leaving wild areas and plating suitable trees.

Why Do Squirrels Need Water

Notwithstanding if the squirrel inhabits the wild or the city, it still needs water to drink. Squirrels need water during winter and summer to sustain their innocence.


Before feeding squirrels, it is crucial to consider if it could cause trouble for you, the squirrel, or your environment in the nearest future. Providing harmful edibles for squirrels could put them at risk, for example: eating from feeders that make them vulnerable to bacteria or cats.

As important as feeding the squirrel is, one must be mindful of what he feeds it to avoid losing it. Expired nuts, candy, sweets, potato chips, or peanuts are very harmful edibles for squirrels. They are rather poisonous than nutritious. Therefore, a baked nut is preferable. Also, it is essential to feed squirrels the proper food for health maintenance purposes.

Feeding the squirrel is a long process, below is a vividly explained process to follow when feeding the squirrel.

  • For tree squirrels, create a squirrel feeder from clean empty side bottles, make several holes in the bottom for drainage, add numerous holes by the side to ensure the holes are slightly larger than the nuts you intend to place in the feeder. Again, create couple more holes near the top to hang thread or a piece of string wire or cord through them hanging.
  • Mix nuts and seeds before filling the feeders with them. These nuts and seeds may include sunflower seeds. Put the lid back on and gang with code or wire from stable branches capable of enduring the squirrel’s weight, approximately 10 feet from the grown.
  • Leave fruits like apples standing on cords similar to branches.
  • Choose a comfortable location for feeding the squirrel. Place a few bowls yards away from any thick vegetation. This will give the squirrel the benefit of the doubt that it is safe and can bolt in case of any threat.
  • Contrarily, to avoid lurking predators, the position for feeding the squirrel should be too close to close to the vegetation.
  • Provide edibles that contain calcium like cuttlefish bone lay them in the ground or hang on a tree.
  • Ensure to provide water in the feeding location. This is most important and invaluable.
  • Ensure also to rinse the dishes and feeders using warm water and dishwashing liquid to wash. This will help prevent bacteria build-up

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You might have wondered if or not a squirrel can survive without water or food and decided to look up for answers. Now that you have carefully gone through this elaborate article, I hope you earn the relief to put this squirrel-educating information into good. These popular grassland companies are constantly slandered as nuisances or invaders, even though I believe these conclusions derived from varying misunderstandings about squirrel behaviors are untrue. I hope this article will encourage others to adopt the habit of feeding and rearing the squirrel.

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