How to Attract Squirrels

Squirrels can be found in any area in both urban and rural areas. Squirrels love eating so you have to provide more food for them to consume. They enjoy areas with trees, shrub and many other plants. Many squirrels like hiding and people have no idea how to attract squirrels.

They even don’t know what to feed them because they don’t have an idea about what squirrel loves eating. Would you like to know how to attract squirrels? Are you asking yourself what to do to remove the squirrel in their hiding place? Then don’t have to worry because I’m positive that you will get all the information needed about the squirrels.

How to Attract Squirrels

You can attract squirrels in many different ways, below are some of the ways you can attract the squirrel.

Squirrel call

You can purchase a squirrel call in any store near you. This squirrel call comes in two ways either metal or wooden. When purchasing one make sure your squirrel call fits your hand’s palm. As you know squirrel-like hiding. Use your squirrel call to face where squirrel-like to hide that is toward the shrubs, trees, and bushes.

How to Attract Squirrels

You don’t have to stand facing the squirrels directly because they can be scared. In the squirrel call, they are is two bolts, you will use those bolts together to produce a sound which will be similar with that one of a squirrels and automatically the squirrel will come out after hearing the sound.

Giving the squirrel food

As we all know squirrels love eating. They also have their favorite food. When feeding a squirrel, you can use two ways either the use of feeder which is specifically for squirrel or for bird feeder. You can purchase a squirrel feed-in any store. Then you fill the squirrel feed with corn, sunflower seeds, and nuts. When the feeder is not available you can use their favorite food and scatter it to the bases of trees, bushes or shrubs. You can also place corn cobs and nuts up trees. All you have to know is where squirrel-like to nest or you can stick them on high branches. This will attract the squirrel into your trees.

Friendly yard

Planting the plants that squirrel love will also help in attracting them, like planting trees near your feeding areas. Many trees are likely to attract many squirrels. However, squirrels will nest in trees, make sure you select the type of trees that will match to your climate. Planting shrubs and bushes will also attract squirrels, this is cheap compared to the planting of trees. Also having a tree that is drying and not getting rid of it will also help a lot. Squirrel mostly like hiding food on dead trees all you have to do is to make sure that the tree is safe.

What Is The Best Food To Put Out For Squirrels?

As we know squirrels love eating. Most squirrels trust human, they can eat from a hand of human, unlike other animals. If you decide to feed a squirrel never harm them in any way. They can protect their own food from being eaten by another animal. They will never waste any food this is because they are always on the lookout of food. Squirrel are human-friendly. The best food for squirrel should have nuts, fruits, veggies and also seeds. Most squirrels love nut a lot though nuts are not the only food that they can eat.

Some squirrels can eat almost everything. Naturally providing good food for a squirrel will make them love you automatically. Where the forest is limited the squirrel has no access to natural food, but you can be helpful but supplementing the food. This is why you will see squirrels in your garden hence you will see them as one of the pests. Squirrels can eat any kind of fruit like apple, grapes, plums, banana, and many others. Vegetables can be a real problem if you have them growing on your own farm. Squirrels eat every kind of vegetable that is tomatoes, radishes, beans, cabbages, and many others.

The best way to deal with them is to make sure you give them fruits and vegetables daily to keep them away from consuming the one that you want to eat yourself. With no doubt, this is not easy but I can assure you it’s worth it. Whenever you give squirrel the food that they like then they will stay away from the food seed, this is because they have high nutrition and they find it delicious. The best seed to feed a squirrel is sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and safflower seeds.

What Foods Are Bad For A Squirrel?

They are some food which not healthy for squirrels. Some of the food like cereals with processed sugar are very harmful to squirrels hence they don’t have natural energy sources. The problem comes because they will eat almost everything. They can consume some which are not found in nature like hamburgers, French fries, and crackers which will harm their digestive system. Food which are processed with chemicals like dog food can also highly harm the squirrel.

Feeding squirrel little corn is not bad but when the squirrel overeats it sometimes it can cause death. Make sure before the squirrel feed on corn that the corn is healthy to make sure it doesn’t have molds or is sour. Also feeding squirrel with the human formula can be also dangerous to a squirrel. Any human formula may be fatal to a squirrel.

The formula may have chemicals and preservatives that can be harmful. Despite squirrel loving peanuts, they are not supposed to eat them. It seems squirrels usually enjoys to eat peanut though they are legume but not nuts. Peanuts do not have much nutrition that squirrel needs. Peanut is not that harmful to a squirrel but squirrel may be harmed it they overeat it.

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Squirrels are amazing creatures. As we all know they can be found in any area either urban or rural areas. Squirrels love eating a lot and they can eat anything, so as humans we are supposed to make sure that they feed on the right food which cannot be harmful to them. Are you there and you have no idea how to attract the squirrel?

Then worry no more because I’m positive that you will know how to attract them using a friendly yard, squirrel call, and also by feeding them with their favorite food and clean water. Are you wondering about what is the best or bad food to feed the squirrels? Through my review, you will get all the information you will need.

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