How to Find Out Where Squirrels Are Getting In?

Squirrels around your house, entering and leaving whenever they get a chance, or residing in your attics and different vents and corners of your home are nothing new when you live near the woods or locations that have a vast presence of squirrels all over. If you often see squirrels around, roaming, jumping from tree to tree, or fighting with each other, then get ready to have one or a dray in your house sooner. The creature could be cute to look at from a far distance but a nuisance when it shows its nature.

No matter how adorable the squirrel looks, none wants rodents roaming around the house destroying important stuff, food, and spreading deadly diseases. A squirrel does all of that. So, if you are worried about the rodent entering your home sly and without any fear, and not even leaving but residing right there in your house with you and want the easy way of how to find out where squirrels are getting in to get rid of the dray because who knows whether the invader is actually squirrels or something else, our discussion will find you your answer.

Effective Process

The most common and effective way to know through which path the squirrels are getting in is to track their footprints. If you want to know from which side of your yard the squirrels are getting in, then place the simple components we suggest in the yard. If you suspect it’s in the house and you want to know the specific spot, then place the stuff in your house. By stuff, we mean nothing more than cardboard pieces and some flour or talcum powder.

Is It a Squirrel?

When you have the suspicion of an invader, there must be a reason. You might have heard some weird noises or found signs like the foul odor of the squirrel or its urine or poop. Or you might have spotted the poop itself. The damaged electric wires and water pipes also indicate that there is an invader that basically chews everything not just to feed itself but also to ruin things.

Now, the invader doesn’t necessarily have to be the squirrel. It could be rats or even chipmunks. However, the presence and the noise it creates say it all, whether it’s the rat or the squirrel. So, if you are confused, please know you will ken, and your guess will be pretty accurate. However, being sure is essential to get the solution accordingly.

How to Find Out Where Squirrels Are Getting In?

Ways to Determine the Rodent

First of all, try to notice which part of your house or yard, even the porch, has the most dirt and debris from chewed stuff. Or try to follow the foul odor, in which part of your territory has the sharpest of smell. Target the portions where you have vents and corners. Ensure to check around the spot where you place your dustbin or have a section to dump the dirt. Even the path that goes to the attic will also be the hotspot, so search for any vent, even small holes around it, and don’t get swayed thinking a squirrel cannot fit those tiny holes because it can and how!

The creature can fit and enter through the smallest of the gaps that exist, and you can even imagine. Their body is built, formed, and bent that way, and they apply some technique, too, that none will believe if they have not encountered the rather impossible doing of the wild and wayward squirrels. And if you somehow manage to track any of it, you are one step closer to getting the nuisance out of your house.

Select Specific Spots

Now you will not get the specific spot right away. We didn’t imply it at all because tracking the spots is not that easy. With all the hotspots we mentioned, you might have selected some, and you need to target those spots by placing the cardboards and flour. Do not target the whole territory in one single attempt. It will be tough for you to clean the mess later on and surmise the specific area if you overwhelm yourself with cardboard and the smeared flour all over it and the floors.

The squirrels might create a bigger mess with an immense amount of flour spread all over your house. So, better to try one room at a time or one portion of the yard at a time, to determine the specific spot or rule that spot out. So, here is how the whole process goes.

Apply The Cardboard and Flour Method

Place the cardboard and spread a good amount of flour over it. The squirrels will enter the vicinity through your suspected spot, walk over the flour on the cardboard, and you will have the footprints. If they leave the vicinity through the same path, even that will be well printed on the flour. If the rodent is a squirrel, then you will notice four footprints. Among which the front two has four toes, but the hind feet have five.

However, all rodents have the same toes count, so analyze the squirrel anatomy through different sources on the internet and get an idea of what its toes look like. Depending on how it looks and its size, the footprints will pretty much let you know whether it’s a squirrel or not.

Put Two and Two Together

To be more certain, you already have the proof in the form of damaged wires, foul odor, and smelly substance. All of these, along with the footprint, will let you know whether it’s a squirrel that invaded your property or not. And if it is, then which path did it take to invade the territory. Then you can block the way, seal the potential entrances, vents, corners, basically do the needful to stop the nuisance from getting in your home and yard.

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Keep in your mind and be prepared for things getting all messy. Getting rid of a rodent, after all, is no mean feat. A little bit of floury mess for a few days in specific sections to get rid of the bigger mess all over the house is always better preferred.

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