How To Get Rid of Squirrels Naturally?

Squirrels are charismatic tiny species, no doubt, but only to an extent. The moment they start showing their characteristics and applying their natural habits, it’s your tolerance level that speaks. They do not remain the scampering little being flaunting their furry bodies and bushy tails.

They turn into the varmints that are causing trouble in your daily life, ruining stuff inside your house, decimating your garden and its fruits and vegetables, causing foul odor and an unhealthy atmosphere with its peeing and pooping around the porch and yard and disease spreading potential.

Say No to Chemicals

Be it your house, or the garden, using chemicals or traps to keep rodents away or getting rid of them is always a risk. Also, it might not be allowed in your region altogether as it’s squirrels we are talking about. So, one question always arises in the mind of strugglers who are beyond fed up with these annoying dangerous invaders, and that question is how to get rid of squirrels naturally.

How To Get Rid of Squirrels Naturally

The natural remedy is the key to keep yourself and your family safe. Therefore, here we are with a few ideas to solve the issue faced by many of you, albeit naturally.

Pester Them with What They Hate the Most

These little nuisances have a few things on their dislike list. The hate is so strong that you can almost keep them far away from your territory by utilizing those elements around it. The one thing that is common in all the things that squirrels hate is a strong odor.

The scent, strong ones are enough to keep them away from your properties. It can be flower plants with a strong smell and bright colors. It could be garlic, peppermint, white and black pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon, or it could be plain apple cider vinegar as well. These are the most common stuff that squirrels can’t tolerate; hence stays away.

Plant The Hated Plants

Have any flower plants or sow any vegetable seeds in your garden, but make sure to plant some plants that squirrels hate the most due to their strong scent. It might not be your favorite addition to the garden, but the remedy that works and will keep your other precious flower plants and vegetables safe and intact, ready to savor. And who knows, some of these might be your favorite too.

So, in both situations, it’s the need of the hour, and the rest are a reward. Daffodil, Lily of the valley, allium, peppermint, Hyacinth, Geraniums, Galanthus are some of the flower plants that you can plant in your garden with all your other plants or just plant around your fruit trees. The bright colored flowers and even stronger scent annoy the vicious rodents and keep them away from biting on every possible part of the plants and trees, exposing them to rot and making them non-edible.

Make Your Own Squirrel Repellent

Even if you have planted the plants that squirrels stay steer clear from, there are still chances of the dray making their path which is not close to those plants. We never know how their mind works. And we cannot plant plants all around our house, randomly, neither on the roof, attic space, and all.

That’s not at all practical, and the squirrels will manage to enter. So, to make the plan full-proof and unbreakable for the obstreperous squirrel, you can make a homemade squirrel repellent with some basic stuff available in your house. These are for hard surfaces and not for the plants; please keep that in mind. Spray them around the hard surfaces around the plants. Do not spray these directly on the plants, not even a drop.

Apple Cider Vinegar Spray

The putrid scent of the apple cider vinegar can be revolting for ordinary human beings. And that strong smell works to keep the squirrels away too. We prefer using the apple cider vinegar directly as diluting it with water will minimize the strong odor, making it less effective to keep the squirrels away from your house and garden.

If you want to add water, keep the vinegar portion more than the water. That way, the quantity of the spray will, of course, increase, but the smell will still be strong enough to bother the squirrels.

Garlic And Vinegar Spray

Vinegar is just one of the many ingredients that the squirrels stay away from. Now imagine utilizing two ingredients and their strong smell to get rid of these nuisances. So, blend the garlic or chop it. Blending it not-too-well will save time compared to chopping each clove.

Do not mix water while blending it. If required, add vinegar to it while blending. Using apple cider vinegar is not mandatory as the strong odor is already doubling with the blend of two ingredients with a stinking smell. So, regular vinegar will be more than enough for you to utilize instead of apple cider.

After you have blended or chopped the garlic, put it in your spray bottle, add enough vinegar to it, and a little bit of water to increase the quantity. Keep that for a few days capped. That way, the ingredients will get their time to mix and create an even stronger odor. Your homemade garlic-vinegar squirrel repellent is ready to be sprayed on hard surfaces or around the plants and trees to take on the invasive squirrels.


Utilize peppermint by mixing it in vinegar or directly rubbing it on the flower pots or other hard surfaces. If you do not have the peppermint oil, you can use peppermint leaves and make a paste by blending it thoroughly and use it with vinegar like you would use the oil. The effect might not be the same, but the pungent odor will work to some extent.


Sprinkle black pepper, white pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon, and similar spices around the places where you do not want to use liquid stuff. You can mix such spices in your bird feeders as well, but make sure to put them in decent amounts for the birds not to be affected.

Bird foods are one of the main attractions for the squirrels to invade your property. So, keeping that on a regular check is mandatory.

Your pet dog and cat and even fake owls and snakes sitting on or hanging from the fences or trees work well to get rid of the squirrels, albeit absolutely naturally. The key is to scare them, and these alive pets and figurines both scare them well.

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Other than that, though it sounds nasty, you can also use coyote and red fox urine, of course, the mimic ones to keep the squirrels steer clear. However, we prefer it when the infestation is beyond control, just to keep ourselves away from the scent of the urine or the feel of having it around.

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