How to Hunt Coyotes at Night Without a Light

How to Hunt Coyotes at Night Without a Light

Coyotes are one of the most hunted predators all over the world. Hunting lights are the most popular essential for such hunting missions. It is also possible to perform hunting without a light, but it is more challenging than you think. Check out the following content to know about how to hunt coyotes at night without a light.

Best Locations to Hunt Coyotes at Night

Coyotes have been available in the North-American forests for many decades. Although they keep roaming the whole area, there are some specific places where their presence is frequent. The hunters most often spot them near swampy regions, brushy creeks, river-sides, and especially around lamb ranches. So first of all, find an appropriate hunting place and get a license from its relevant authorities. Make sure to follow all rules and contracts all hunters must abide by.

Best time to hunt

The hunters have to be aware of their nature first before heading to the place. They take rest during the daytime and remain highly active in the darkness. Therefore, you can’t just go hunting for them at random times. Choose a time between the evening to early morning for a successful hunt. It will be complicated to find prey otherwise.

Best Season

Winter season is an all-time favorite for hunters. However, it may not be great when it comes to coyotes because they suffer from food scarcity these days. Many die due to insufficient food as well as fail to breed. As a result, the hunters spot fewer animals than they used to do at other times. Fall will be the ideal time to do so instead of winter. During this time, the chances of catching both adult and young animals are very high. If you prefer spring, mimicking the rabbit’s howl can be beneficial. Generally, the coyotes start building their dens and easily get attracted to the sound. Try to avoid hunting in summer as people quickly get exhausted at this time. If you still insist, take the decoy dogs with you to get closer to your target.

Required items

Whenever you are going hunting, never miss any of these essentials.

  1. The most important one on the list is water. It will keep you hydrated and alert while hunting. Carry either a water bottle or a hydration pack for containing water.
  2. The next item is food to boost your energy level and concentration power. Prefer sneakers, nuts, protein shake, and other high calories food over others.
  3. Be sure of keeping the gas tank full before you start traveling to the place. Bring additional fuel as well if you have no idea of how much it will consume.
  4. The eyesight of the nocturnal animal is so sharp in the dark. They may notice you even before you see them. A camouflage suit will help you blend well with your surroundings to deceive your target. Whether you use a camo outfit or a normal one, it should be weatherproof, water-proof, tear-proof, yet breathable.
  5. It is difficult to be safe from predators and firearms in the forest. They are susceptible to infections and other diseases. So wear gloves and durable boots to avoid these issues.
  6. Hunting moments are pretty uncertain. Nobody knows what happens next. Your preparation will be incomplete without a first aid kit. It will protect against scratches, animal bite, and other health issues.
  7. Hunters who are not skilled at copying howl must go for an electronic caller. It can generate the same sound of a rabbit or other animal to attract the coyote towards your location. When the coyotes hear the howl, they won’t miss the chance to get a quick meal.
  8. A good rifle is key to the success of coyote hunting. .243 caliber models are our top choice because the bullets fire quite fast and travel a long distance.
  9. You can also bring your shotgun to shoot the target with more convenience. Besides, it will give you the advantage of getting more than animals within the shotgun range. But it may not be useful when the coyotes are present far away from the field.
  10. Buy a rifle scope for detecting your target at a long distance. Practice several times before going for the final ride.

Best tips and techniques to kill coyotes without using a light

It is too hard to get a proper hunting spot at night. If you don’t have a light, the situation is tougher. You must visit the selected area and record details in the daylight. Mark some specific places which can make your monitoring and shooting more comfortable. You can contact the local people or other hunters to discover locations with the best possibility to get coyotes. Prioritize scouting the areas that include water holes. Many animals roam in groups around large water bodies. Mark all the possible places. Then be patient and wait until the night comes. Avoid making noises by moving, stepping on dry leaves, or talking with partners.

One of the best ways to know the location of the predator is by using a spotlight. Their eyes reflect rays so that they can be spotted easily. However, you should be expert enough to differentiate the reflections between coyotes and others. After the detection, you are only allowed to make minimal movements. If they see you, they will run away within the blink of an eye. As soon as you get enough scopes, pull the trigger.

Remember, if the bullet fails to get inside the coyote’s vital organs, it may not fall or die. Only the balance of the right gesture, balance, speed, and precision will lead to a successful shot. Stay silent after the first kill. You may get opportunities to hunt more coyotes. And the most important thing is, keep your safe distance from them. None will like to be their prey in place of making them prey.

Final Words

Being a good hunter requires the combination of skills, practice, techniques, and above all, patience. It is absolutely okay to miss the coyotes at many tries. What you need to do is improve your strategies depending on the experiences. In this way, you will be a part of the professional hunter group soon.

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