How To Stop Magpies Attacking Blackbirds Nest – Methods We Explained!!

Magpie attacking the blackbird nest is a common incident that may take place in your garden. To stop magpies from attacking blackbirds’ nests, you should eliminate the things from the garden that attracts the magpie. During the breeding season, magpies try to capture eggs and chicks of other birds. 

Well, it’s possible to stop magpies attacking the nest. You can either protect the nest from the attack or scare the magpie from the nest. A regular attempt to stop the magpies will permanently prevent them from attacking the blackbird’s nest. 

Magpies are fantastic birds and a crucial part of the ecosystem. They control the insects by eating them and also clean up dead animals. So, you should attempt to stop magpies attacking blackbirds without affecting their wildlife. 

Scaring them or removing food items from the garden will stop magpies from attacking blackbirds nests. The surroundings of the nest should be cleaned frequently to prevent them from coming again.

How To Stop Magpies Attacking Blackbirds Nest

Methods To Effectively Scare And Keep Magpies Away – 

If there are fruit gardens around the blackbird’s nest, cover the garden with a net to prevent the magpie from visiting your garden the next time. Thus, they will find another source of food and won’t come back again. The cover should be made with care so that the fruits will get light and nutrients and also will be protected from the magpies and others. There are some more effective methods below you may follow – 

No Water Sources

Having a water source around the blackbird nest will keep the magpies attracted. They will use the source for drinking water and for taking baths as well. So, make sure there is no water source around your garden. You should not overwater your plants. Don’t worry about the magpie’s water source as they will find another water source by themselves. If the water source is placed around the nest then it will be like a thread for the blackbirds.

Sometimes, the magpies gather on the roof. You should check if there is any water stuck on the top. Perform a routine check every week to make sure there is no such water source in the roof and the corners as well. Then, clean the water and the debris as well. Magpies always look for insects in these kinds of places. 

Clean Surroundings

The first step to prevent magpies from attacking your birds should be to keep them away from your garden. Keeping the surroundings clean won’t make the magpies look for food in your garden. They look for places where they may find insects and worms. A green and clean garden will keep the magpies away from the blackbird nest. 

Don’t throw leftover foods outside as this will definitely attract the magpies. If you have any waste containers outside, make sure the container is covered all the time. That’s how you can prevent the magpies from coming into your garden. 

Scare with CDs

This is one of the unique methods to stop the magpies from attacking. Magpies and other birds don’t like the reflection of CDs. They get scared of this kind of light reflection. Use old CDs as a layer and hang them in the trees where the blackbird nest is located. The reflection will prevent them from coming near the nest.

You can do the same with a plastic bottle filled with water. The water on the bottle will reflect the same way as the CD does. Hang them in free space for a better reflection. You will get a better result by hanging them three feet above the ground. This will make them swing in the air and create a better reflection of the light.

Use Recordings

Another method you may follow is to play some recordings of the predators that the magpies are afraid of. You may play a recording of a crow or rook distress call. This will surely scare them from coming near the blackbird nest. Play the recording regularly to stop them permanently. If you are playing the recording for the magpies, then play it only when they are around. Don’t play it too loud that may disturb your neighbors. This will stop magpies from coming into your garden without doing any harm to them.

If you notice there are eggs and chicks in the blackbird’s nest, it’s recommended to cover the nest with any net as this will save them from any predators like magpies and others. The net size should be made in such a size that it will stop the magpies from attacking and also let the nesting bird enter. Once the chicks are grown in a standard size, you can remove the nest.

Is It Illegal To Trap And Kill Magpies?

Nature values each and every animal or bird. You should always care for the birds as they make the environment suitable for humans. Magpies are an important part of the natural ecosystem. If you are planning to kill them you should have an idea if there is such or something about killing them.

Well, in the United States the Migratory Bird Treaty Act 1918 states that it’s illegal to kill birds or remove their nests. However, if you want to remove the nest you may ask for permission from the dedicated authority. It’s not permissible to set traps for the magpies. This can be considered a life threat for the bird and an attempt to kill them.

No one will like to see magpies attacking their blackbird’s nest. If you are facing such incidents, try to follow the steps mentioned in the article. But, trying to kill them is not a proper step to follow. They can be controlled by following the steps thus it will be a shameful act to kill them or make a trap for them. If controlling the magpies in your yard is becoming impossible, you might seek assistance from the local forest authority.


Do magpies steal eggs from other birds’ nests?

Well, magpies usually kill or attack chicks and young birds. While attacking a nest, if they find any chicks they will try to kill them. Magpies steal eggs from chicken houses as well.

Do magpies kill baby blackbirds?

Yes, magpies are very dangerous for baby blackbirds. Magpies are a conspicuous predator and they attack the blackbirds way more than other birds.

What food attracts magpies?

There are different foods that attack magpies. Plant material and wild fruits are their favorite food. Grains, berries, and household scraps also attract magpies as a food source.

Should I kill magpies?

Killing any animal or bird is always a crime. If the magpies are a life threat to you only then you’re allowed to do so. But, there won’t be such a situation. Trying to prevent them from coming to your garden would be the best solution.

What do magpies do to humans?

Magpies sometimes become aggressive to humans as they were troubled by humans before. Don’t throw any objects at them and stay away from their nest.

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Final Words

These are some of the standard methods to stop magpies from attacking blackbird nests. They all are a part of the ecosystem. You should never harm any animal or bird to save another. It’s better to find a way that will be suitable for both. The methods mentioned above will protect both species from one another. The plan should be just to prevent the magpies from coming around the blackbird nest.

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