How To Stop Woodpecker Attacking Bird Box

Attacking a bird box is a common habit of woodpeckers. They attack bird boxes to make noise and to find food as well. This is a way for woodpeckers to warn other birds to stay away from their territory. The attack with their strong beaks will surely damage any bird box.

But the question is how to stop woodpeckers from attacking bird boxes? It’s pretty tricky to control the woodpeckers. You should not only stop them from attacking but also distract them from the bird box for complete protection.

You may attract the woodpecker to their own feeder. It can be done by placing any food item that the woodpecker loves to eat. For example, suet is the most favorite food item of woodpeckers. 

You should make a feeder for the woodpecker with all the items the bird likes to eat. That’s how you can divert the attention of the woodpecker from the bird box.

How to Cover the Bird Box?  

There are metal hole protectors available in the market that can be used to save your bird box from woodpeckers. You just need to attach the metal box to the entrance of the box. They won’t be able to damage the metal with their beak. It will be impossible for them as well to enter the box through the metal hole.

Another effective solution is to cover the bird box with wire mesh. A study revealed that covering a bird box with wire mesh protected 90% of bird boxes from woodpecker attacks. The wire mesh makes it difficult for the woodpeckers to enter the box. They will try to enter, but eventually, they will fail. This one is the most effective solution to stop woodpeckers from attacking bird boxes. There is customized wire mesh available in the market. You can choose the one with smaller holes.  

Woodpeckers don’t attack the birdbox to eat the bird inside as they don’t usually eat other birds. They use the box to make noise. This is another way for the woodpeckers to attract their mate. If there are adult birds in the box, the woodpecker will wait to take the eggs and chicks from the box. Thus, during the breeding season, you should focus more on your bird box. 

How To Stop Woodpecker Attacking Bird Box

How to attract Woodpeckers to their own feeder?

The only way to attract a bird is to feed them their favorite food. If they find food supplies in a specific place, they won’t leave the site indeed. Therefore, you should know everything about woodpecker’s food habits.

Woodpeckers love to eat fruits. You may plant a fruit bush near the woodpeckers. This will help them to find food in a specific place. Thus, they won’t need to fly to search for food. Woodpeckers prefer suet and peanuts as well. Suet is one of the most favorite food types of this bird. Therefore, you may put suet on their feeder. This surely will attract them.

Sugary water is also another food element that can attract woodpeckers. Sometimes, they may attack other bird boxes for water. So, it should always be ensured that there is enough water supply in the woodpecker’s habitat. 

You should not change the place of the feeder. Instead, keep it in a regular place all the time. This will make it a habit for the woodpecker, and they won’t be required to search their food into other boxes.


Why do woodpeckers attack bird boxes?

Woodpeckers attack the bird boxes to make noise that will inform other birds about their territory. Woodpeckers don’t kill other birds and they are quite shy and stay away from other birds.

Will woodpeckers nest in a birdhouse?

Woodpeckers generally nest in birdhouses that are placed 10-20 feet from the ground. The entrance should be made appropriate for the woodpeckers.

Is there a spray to deter woodpeckers?

Yes, there is a spray available to deter woodpeckers. The avian control spray will work effectively for all birds.

Do birds like the smell of vinegar?

Not at all. You can even use vinegar to keep woodpeckers away from bird boxes. Spray the vinegar in the place where the woodpeckers gather most of the time. Vinegar doesn’t affect the trees so it’s pretty much safe to use as well.

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Final Words

Woodpeckers are among the most beautiful birds in the forest. They will be an excellent addition to your garden. But, it should always be ensured to protect other birds from the attack. By attracting woodpeckers into the feeder, you provide food for the woodpecker and save the bird box from attack as well. The easiest solution would be using the wire mesh or metal hole. However, distracting the woodpecker from the bird box using their favorite food in the feeder can also be applied for more effective protection.

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