John Deere Gator vs. Polaris Ranger

When it comes to utility vehicles John Deere Gators and Polaris Rangers is at the top battling each other. But, which one is best? Are there any differences between the John Deere Gator Vs. Polaris Ranger?

Well, A John Dree Gator is best for fieldwork like farming, pulling, and so on. Whereas, a Polaris is meant for fun, joy rides, and a smooth on-road experience. 

Whether you use it for your daily chore/s, heavy load carrying, or simply for the sport of it, both companies have something to offer. Today, we will talk about just that.

Here is the comparison of these two so you can choose one that’s just right for your preferences.

John Deere Gator VS. Polaris Ranger: Comparison Chart

FeaturesPolaris Ranger UVsJohn Deere Gator UV’s
Carrying Capacity Maximum500 lbs-1000 lbs500 -1000 lbs
Towing Capacity Maximum1500 lbs – 2500 lbs1500 lbs – 2500 lbs
Engine40 hp – 82 hp16 hp – 62 hp
ModelsWork Series Gators2-passenger Gators3-passenger Full-Size Crossover Gators4-passenger Full-Size Crossover Gators2 Seat Polaris Ranger UVs3 Seat Polaris Ranger UVsSpecial Edition Polaris Ranger UvsCrew Polaris Ranger Uvs
Pricing10, 699 USD – 37, 299 USD 8,149 USD- 37,099 USD

John Deere Gator: Why buy it?

As a UTV most John Deere are workhorses. They are made for farm use, hauling logs, riding through harsh terrains, and to look good while doing it. These machines excel at making your work easier. 

John Deere Gator

John Deere Gators support 2WD, 4WD, and  6*4 options in different models. 4WD or 6*4.models are for harsh conditions and 2WD are for fairly normal environments. 

Being able to provide the best services in different environments has increased their demand. Come rain or shine john deere gators will run smooth. 

John Deere Gators provide options for fuel which are gas, diesel, and electric. Most models use gas. The best gas option for John Deere Gators is non-ethanol 91 octane.

Here are the pros and cons of using a John Deere Gator.


  • Have good hauling capacity.
  • Provides excellent service in different environments.
  • Large cargo size
  • Great performance on the trail and off roads. 
  • Best for heavy work use.


  • FInding parts of old models is hard.
  • The engine makes loud noise

Polaris Ranger: Why buy it?

With their powerful engines, a durable frame, and good torque, Polaris rangers are made to give you a smooth ride. Rangers are the prime side vehicle for fun activities. And they also get the work done with precise pulling and towing capacity.

Polaris Ranger

Polaris Rangers are very durable with features such as a rigid one-piece chassis, full-body skid plate, and sealed suspension bushings. Rangers are also made to last and sustain in harsh conditions. 

Polaris Rangers support octane and diesel along with electric options. Most models come with an 11.5-gallon gas tank. 

Here are the pros and cons of using a Polaris ranger.


  • HIghly durable structure
  • Provides a smooth riding experience
  • Offer good versatility
  • Best for sports and leisure activities


  • Low touring curve

Head-to-head comparison of John Deere Gator Vs. Polaris Ranger

Among the two there are certain differences. These differences are a must to know before you buy anyone. The comparisons are done in multiple criteria to help you make the best decision:

Faster riding (Polaris Rangers wins)

John Deere Gators run on an average speed of 25 mph for most of their models. While there are models available that can run at the speed of 40 mph. 

Polaris Rangers can reach higher speeds up to 60 mph depending on the model. 

John Deere Gator vs. Polaris Ranger

Engine and carrying capacity (Rangers rock the HP)

In the case of carrying capacity the range is 500 to 1000 pounds for both John Deere Gators and Polaris ranger. And towing capacity ranges from 1500 to 2500 lbs.

However, the engines of the Polaris ranger are much more powerful than John Deere gators. The range is 16 to 62 hp for gators while 40 to 82 hp for rangers.

Bed and cargo size (John Deere wins)

Comparing the two John Deere Gators offer larger bed sizes than Polaris Rangers when in the same category. 

With 13.5 gallons of internal cargo capacity, you will find enough space for all your items on Polaris Rangers. While the dimensions of a John Deere Gator are 100.3 x 124.5 x 22.9 cm. 

Air Conditioning (Most gators have it) 

In Polaris Ranger UVs every northstar model comes with air conditioning systems. While almost all the John Deere Gator UVs in the extensive range come equipped with air conditioning systems.

Polaris Ranger parts are more accessible 

Not all rides are the same and once in a while after hitting a bump on the road, you will need repairs. John Deere Gator parts are often slightly less available on the market. 

Polaris Rangers on the other hand have a lot of aftermarket parts.

Power Steering 

Normal UV Steering runs fine with normal conditions but when harsh terrain comes the efficiency of power steering is felt the most. 

Starting from the 2011 Polaris Ranger XP EPS many models of the company offer electric power steering. You will find power steering in Polaris Ranger models such as ranger 1000 and ranger 1000 crew. Different models of gators also have power steering.

Roar of the Engine (Gators can be loud) 

Most UVs have engines that make quite loud sounds. However, John Deere Gators have been constantly reported for having very loud engines. This can be a downside for some as the noise can be a hassle.

Meanwhile, Polaris Rangers also make loud sounds but it is much smoother than John Deere Gators. 

PTO options (John makes driving easier) 

Independent Power Takeoff (PTO) is an advanced mechanism that increases tractor performance. This is available in John Deere Gators along with two ranged hydrostatic transmissions. It eliminates the need for manual clutching while riding.

Specific Polaris ranger models also come with the feature. Additional PTO can be installed such as proman PTO. 

Age limit (Jhon Deer wins)

In order to drive John Deere Gator or a Polaris ranger one should be at least 16 years old. The driver must also have a driver’s license. 

The only exception to this rule is the models made for kids such as Peg Perego John deere. These models have an age limit of 2 to 8 years. 

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Should I choose a Polaris Ranger or a John Deere Gator?

Time to address the elephant in the room, which UV is best for you?

If you are looking for a work UV then most gators will suit you best as they are made for hard labor. All gators are well equipped to carry payloads to their limits.

From carrying logs, clearing trails, or any other heavy-duty work, gators perform marvelously. Gators have efficient handling mechanisms that provide stable rides.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for something sporty, then go for a Polaris Ranger. Rangers will outperform same category gators most days due to their superior horsepower.

For sports like golfing or other similar activities rangers provide a great experience. 

If you are into racing then Polaris Rangers are definitely the first choice due to their superiority of speed. 


How long do UTV engines go?

John Deere gator engines will go for 6000 to 10000 hours. Polaris Ranger engines run for 7000 hours on average. 

The quality of the fuel affects longevity. Proper maintenance can make the engines last even longer. 

How do make John Deere Gators run faster?

You can add nonethanol power additives to your fuel to increase the performance of the engine. Adding engine cleaners will help to keep the sludge off of the engines.

If you are looking for more hp then consider choosing another model or a Polaris Ranger.

Is a Kubota better than a gator?

Kubota has a higher amount of torque of 51.4 lbs compared to the 36.9 ft/lbs torque of John Deere Gators.

 Also, Kubota tractor models have buckets offering superior maneuverability while gators have a quick attach buckets option. 

Is a Ranger better than an RZR?

Polaris rangers are built to be able to handle most hard work requirements. Its high-powered engines also make it great for recreation.

RZR takes the crown for being a side vehicle on leisure tours. However, it does not pack the same energy to handle rough work requirements. 

End Note

Polaris Ranger and John Deere gator both have more than one option available for their customers. Again, consider what you will be using the vehicle for. 

The best approach is to narrow down models depending on your preferred features like leisure or work. And, now that you know about both of them, you can choose the one best for you. 

This is all for today. Have a good day. 

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