My Dog is 60 Days Pregnant And Not Showing: What’s The Issue?

If you are a dog breeder or dog owner like me, you have to know the relevant information about your dog’s health and pregnancy. Typically, a dog’s pregnancy lasts for around 63 days on average, and the dog shows physical signs after 40 days of gestation. But are you thinking my dog is 60 days pregnant and not showing any symptoms? 

Yes, you are in the right place to get your answer. Anyway, not showing any signs of pregnancy on the 60th day is probably due to false pregnancy or phantom pregnancy. It usually appears 4-9 weeks after heating and mimics a natural pregnancy. 

Here, your dog’s breast will enlarge without or without lactation, and dogs have intermittent vomiting and lethargy. Read the end to explore more!

When Does A Pregnant Dog Start To Show?

Dogs have an average pregnancy rate of 63 days, so you have a short time to find out the symptoms. You will not see any physical changes in your dog during the first phase of pregnancy. Until then, you may notice your dog’s behavioral changes.

My Dog is 60 Days Pregnant And Not Showing: What’s The Issue?

Physical changes

Typically, a pregnant bitch does not show any physical signs until 40 days of gestation. Around this time, your dog’s belly will increase significantly in size and will continue for about three weeks. Also, your dog’s nipples will enlarge too. Moreover, she may leak milk in the last week of pregnancy.

Behavioral changes

Your female dog shows early pregnancy symptoms through its behavior. For instance, at about 3-4 weeks of pregnancy, a pregnant bitch may experience nausea and vomiting for several days. 

Also, your dog may not be starving or eat small meals instead of large meals. Lethargy and apathy are common during pregnancy.

Can A Dog Be Pregnant And Not Show?

No, a genuinely pregnant dog shows both behavioral and physical signs of pregnancy. But dogs that are not pregnant but showing the character of pregnancy may be due to false pregnancy. Let’s know more about it.

What Is False Pregnancy?

A false pregnancy (phantom pregnancy) is a condition in which bitches mimic pregnancy’s behavioral and physical signs. While they may behave or look pregnant, your home will be waiting for a new pup. 

It usually appears 4 to 9 weeks after your dog’s heat. Moreover, it should disappear naturally within 1-4 weeks, leaving the dog unharmed. Some veterinarians acknowledge that most bitches develop phantom pregnancy after every heat, although these usually do not cause concern.

Anyway, phantom pregnancy is common for most female dogs if not spayed. Some breeds like Greyhounds and Dachshunds have up to 75% chances. If your dog has a false pregnancy, spay your dog before the next heat. Otherwise, it may face some problems.

What are the Signs of False Pregnancy?

Dogs that develop a false pregnancy have behavioral and physical symptoms. Let’s check them out!

Physical symptoms

Your dog may face some physical symptoms like bloating. Perhaps your dog’s mammary glands may enlarge, and it may produce secretions or milk. 

Other signs are more challenging to recognize than symptoms of other conditions. These include depression, lethargy, anxiety, stress, or tenderness. Your female dog may also face vomiting or loss of appetite, although she may not lose weight for water retention.

Behavioral symptoms

The behavioral changes in false pregnancies may include maternal activity, decreased physical activity, nesting, and sometimes even aggression. Also, some infected dogs show gestures of false birth and then protect toys or any other small items.

Why Do Dogs Face False Pregnancies?

False pregnancy is an unwanted adverse effect of the dog’s natural hormone cycle. Generally, a healthy dog experiences its first heat between 6 months and 1 year of age. 

Some smaller dogs may face this earlier, while larger dogs do not get in the heat until 18 months of their age.

If you don’t spay your canine or become pregnant, she will be heated for about ten days every 6 months. Once in the heat, her ovaries begin to release hormones for pregnancy, whether she mate or not. 

During pregnancy, your dog’s body continues to release hormones to support the pregnancy, and hopefully, the labor will be over in nine weeks.

Moreover, these hormones can mimic a natural pregnancy. It needs to be worn out over several weeks without any long-lasting results. Besides, an imbalance in prolactin and progesterone is associated with mastitis or hypothyroidism in some female dogs.

Another theory focuses that dogs live in herds in nature and that all females increase the fertility of puppies born to a pair of “alpha.” False pregnancy is believed to interfere with the dog’s maternal instinct to care for all of her herd puppies, whether or not they belong to her.

How To Deal With False Pregnancy?

In case of mild symptoms, false pregnancies do not need treatment, as the signs will disappear in about 14 to 21 days. When the dog appears to be physically sick or the changes in behavior are intense enough to concern, you have to go for the treatment.

Treatment may include sedatives to relieve stress and diuretics to decrease milk production and lessen fluid retention. Keep away from massaging or milking the nipples during phantom pregnancy, as it will only increase milk production. 

Also, your dog may require hormone therapy. But it’s pretty rare. If your purpose of adopting a dog is not breeding, you can go for an oophorectomy to prevent future recurrence. 

It’s better to carry out this method after all scars have disappeared. If your dog undergoes surgical sterilization when signs of false pregnancy appear, symptoms may persist for a few weeks, even if your dog is spayed.

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Can a dog be pregnant and not show on ultrasound?

Generally, it’s not possible, but as humans, any tumor in the mother’s womb may initially look like a baby. Confirmation of pregnancy by ultrasound is possible within 20 to 22 days after mating, but you can lose it so early. 

An ultrasound scan 30 days after mating is an excellent diagnostic way to verify pregnancy. But ultrasound is inaccurate when counting puppies, but it will determine the heart rate of puppies.

Can my dog give birth in 60 days?

Yes, your dog may give birth to a puppy at 60 days. Premature births occur in dogs, but not as often as you think. These so-called early births can result from error registration of the mating date or miscalculation of the gestation period. Remember that usually, a dog gives birth to a puppy at around sixty-three days which is so close to sixty.

What causes a false pregnancy in dogs?

False pregnancy is believed to be related to the behavior of your dog’s herd of ancestors. All the female dogs in the herd help raise the pups in the family and show maternal behavior towards them, even if they are from other offspring. 

Moreover, false pregnancy may result from a rapid decline in the progesterone hormone and a rise in the prolactin hormone. Those hormonal changes usually occur in an unspayed bitch six to eight weeks after exposure to heat.

Do all pregnant dogs get a big belly?

It is usual for a pregnant dog to have abdominal enlargement in mid to late pregnancy. In fact, most dog breeders know when the dog has mated and expect the belly to enlarge. 

After mating, the ligaments around the pelvis stretch to prepare for childbirth. Also, the upcoming puppy falls under your dog’s belly instead of stretching the abdomen wider.

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