Semi Upright Vs. Semi Sneak

After catching an animal this hunting season, the only thing left is to position them on your wall. The Semi upright and Semi Sneak are the two most popular mounting positions. Though both of them look somewhat similar, a few angle differences here will tell you everything.

So, what are the differences between Semi upright Vs. Semi Sneak?

Well, the semi sneak is lower from the ground and has ears laid back. It gives a more aggressive look to the mount, while semi upright is less dramatic and rigid. 

On the other hand, a semi sneak mount is more of a relaxed dominant buck mount, which can be turned to look more curious or aggressive.

There are other differences like the height of the animal, whether the ears are turned, and other small details.

Today, we will go through a complete difference between them. So, buckle up. We have a lot of things to cover.

Semi Upright Vs. Semi Sneak: Comparison Chart

Here are some of the differences between semi upright and semi sneak:

Features Semi UprightSemi Sneak
Head positionDeer head risen higherA bit lower and somewhat 
Shoulder to chin and noseChin and nose are parallel to the shoulderChin and nose is lower than the shoulder
EarsEars are erect Ears are kinda flat
Attitude RelaxedA bit aggressive
Natural look More natural due to the upright positionNot usually seen in this position while grazing 
Ready to attack positionNot for attacksOnly for attacks
Unquiness Less unique A unique position

Semi-Upright: What is it?

The semi upright deer mount position is when the deer’s head is raised higher than its shoulder. This gives a more dominant and aggressive appearance of the mount. Now, let’s look at some of its key features:

Head Position: The head position of a semi upright deer mount is higher than its shoulder height. Your animal will look more alert of the surroundings. Usually, if you hunt down a elk or buck, this position will look fantastic on your wall.

Ears: The ears of the semi upright are positioned somewhat erect, giving it a more aggressive vibe. However, you can custom order the ear position how you like it.

Semi Upright

Height of the head: Here, the height of the head is above the shoulder. They can be tilted to fit your house properly. 

Angle: The angle of the mount is also less rigid, resulting in a more natural appearance on your wall. 

Chin and shoulder: In this case, the chin is parallel to the shoulder height. 

Benefits of Semi-Upright deer position

There are many different deer mount positions to choose from, but the semi-upright position is one of the most popular. Here are some of its benefits:

  • A great option for hunters who want to display their trophy in a natural looking way.
  • The semi-upright deer mount allows you to show off your animal impressive rack while still keeping his body in a relaxed position.
  • Good option for taxidermists who want to create a life-like mount.
  • Available in a variety of sizes to fit any buck.
  • Highly customizable to fit homes properly.

Semi Sneak: What is it?

The semi-sneak position is a deer mount halfway between the standard and the recumbent positions. It gives your trophy a more unique look, and allows you to show off its rack better than in either of the other two positions. Here are some features of the Semi Sneak:

Head position: In semi sneak position, the head is held low and slightly forward. The animal will see what is happening in front of it while still being able to hide from view. Turns out, animals use this position when approaching a target or when trying to avoid detection.

Ears: The ears are held close to the head and turned slightly inward. This position allows the animal to hear any noise that is coming from behind it.

Semi Sneak

Height of the animal head: The height of the animal is equal height to its shoulder. This allows the animal to see what is in front of it and to attack anything in front.

Chin and shoulder distance: Here, the chin is slightly below the shoulder. This allows the animal to have a strong bite look.

Head and body length: Similar to the height of the animal head, the head and body length is also equal distance from one another. This allows the animal to move quickly.

Benefits of Semi-Sneak deer

If you want a unique position for your taxidermy, there is no better option than a semi sneak position. Here they are:

  • They are less common, so your piece will stand out from the rest.
  • Incredibly realistic, making your animal look life-like.
  • Perfect for taxidermy beginners, as they are easier to execute than other positions.
  • Great for displaying your animal in an uncommon way.
  • Creates dramatic poses for your animal, adding interest and intrigue to its display.

Semi Upright Vs. Semi Sneak: What is the difference?

For animal taxidermy, both the semi upright and semi sneak position is a great option. They give your hunt a realistic look, all while reducing any imperfections.

In the semi upright position, the animal is posed as if it were grazing or looking around. This position is great for elk, deer, and other animals commonly hunted day or night.

Semi Upright Vs. Semi Sneak

The semi sneak position is similar to the semi upright position but with a more crouched stance. This pose is perfect for predators such as lions and tigers. 

For a grazing animal, a semi sneak is quite uncommon. But it does happen. If you want a look that is about to gush in for an attack, the semi sneak position is the way to go.

A semi upright animal has the head above the shoulder height. Whereas, semi sneak ones have their eyes and ears closer to the ground giving them an advantage when attacking.

In both cases, you can adjust the head angle to fit your canvas. Finally, in the semi upright position, the nose and chin of the animal is above the shoulder height. A semi seak will have a lower chin and nose, corresponding to the shoulder height. 


How do you know if a deer mount is good?

To know if a deer mount is good, you should choose one that looks natural and fits well with your decor. The next thing to consider is the quality of the mount itself. A good deer mount will have realistic features, including a realistic coat of fur and accurate details like eyes and antlers. It should also be sturdy and well-made to last for years. 

What is a good deer mount?

For a good deer mount, all you need is to know the different types of deer mounts, from shoulder mounts to head mounts. There are three types of deer mounts: shoulder mounts, head mounts, and european (or full) mounts. However, the one best for you will depend on what you want to display and how much money you want to spend. Go for expensive options like head mount, if you want to boost up the beauty of your room.

How do I choose a taxidermy mount?

When you are choosing a taxidermy mount, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind like the animal size, shape, and design. You need to make sure that the mount will fit in your home and that it is not too large or too small for the space. Some animals look better when they are upright, while others will bloom in a semi sneak. Check for dummies first, and then imaging your way through. 

Which way should deer mount their faces?

The face mounting of deers depends on your personal preference. Some people believe the deer should be mounted with its head facing forward, so that it appears to be looking out of the wall. Others believe the deer should be mounted with its head facing sideways, so that it appears to be grazing in a field. 

There are pros and cons to both options, but ultimately the decision comes down to looks best. Nowadays, you can check for 3D images and determine the best option for you.

End Note

Hope now you know the differences between semi upright and semi sneak position of taxidermy. For a quick review, semi upright is when the animal is standing more or less upright, while semi sneak is when the deer is angled more towards the ground.

The head and nose pose above shoulder length in a semi upright position. Whereas, in the semi sneak, the head, nose, and chin are parallel to the shoulder height.

Both positions have their own benefits and drawbacks. Semi upright is more natural looking, while semi sneak provides a unique vibe. Ultimately, it is up to the taxidermist to choose the best position for each individual deer.

This is all for today. Hope you liked it. Have a good day. 

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