What Animal Makes A Whooping Sound At Night? (Everything You Need To Know)!!!

If you live in a forest side area, or maybe you are in a camping site, hearing weird noises at night is no comfort at all, right? Yes, we feel you. It’s annoying to us too. 

This is why we have gathered some necessary info on the types of animals that make various whooping noises at night. If you think hearing weird noises at night is nerve-wracking too, go through this article without further ado. 

This way, you can help yourself and your fellow campers by providing ample knowledge about those weird sounds.

List Of Animals That Usually Make Whooping Cries At Night

Here’s a list of animals who are most probably making those weird noises at night.

1. Wild foxes

The first and foremost suspected animal to make whooping noises at night is a red fox. 

Although most of the foxes have been urbanized and got used to living by humans, there are some wild foxes that live in the forest and make whooping noises at night. 

Especially in the winter, when the foxes breed at the highest level, both male and female foxes make whooping cries to find mates for each other. 

As foxes are nocturnal animals, they wander around in the forest mainly at nighttime to find prey or suitable companions for themselves. 

So, the next time you hear a shrieking noise, don’t be afraid, it might be a fox. As long as you have the campfire around you, there’s nothing for you to worry about.

2. Wild owls

Especially in the winter season, night owls have mysterious sounds. Sometimes, the whooping cries from the owls may sound like the phrase “Who ? who? “. 

So, if you are taking a walk in the forest at night, don’t think it’s a person who is asking a question when you hear a sound like this.

What Animal Makes A Whooping Sound At Night?

Mind you, the barn owl type is the most nerve-wracking and noise-making nocturnal animal. The males of this species make an angry and raspy-voice-like sound deep in the night.

3. Canadian lynx

You know how cats are. They sometimes make weird noises. Even for house cats, making weird noises is a normal phenomenon. 

As for a Canadian lynx, it is a pretty large cat that stays awake and catches its prey at night. When two members of this species face off with each other, they make freaking noises. 

If you hear noises from a lynx, you would not probably recognize it right away at night. But if you somehow are able to recognize the noises from the lynxes, count yourself lucky because this is super rare to hear.

4. Mountain Lions

Puma, also known as mountain lions, is one of the most disturbing noisemakers at night. It is very unlikely that you actually encounter a puma making whooping cries. 

But if you luckily do hear that sound in the forest, it will sound to you like a woman crying in agony. You’ll probably think that a woman is being killed or something in the forest. 

However, don’t be afraid if you hear these sounds at night camping. It’s because all animals are afraid of fire ( or campfire in your case).

5. Alligators

If you are camping around a swamp forest or something, you’ll hear gothic noises from alligators pretty commonly. The cause of this noise is to find suitable mates.

In the mating seasons, American alligators make sounds from their bulls that can be pretty nerve-wracking and weird to hear at night. 

Both males and females of these species take part in making these whooping noises (and in scaring the hell out of the humans around).

6. Mockingbirds

As their name goes, these birds literally mock you by making duplicate non-birdlike sounds. These birds make various noises at night to find suitable mates for themselves in the mating seasons. 

According to animal experts, a male mockingbird can mimic and learn more than 200 songs in its lifetime. 

You may hear human-like noises too in the forest, but don’t be surprised if it’s not from an actual human. It just might be the deeds of those horny mockingbirds.

7. Coyotes

You can hear weird and whooping noises from Coyotes, as well. As they sometimes enter into human habitats, a lot of people actually see them walking around in their neighborhood.

Coyotes can also make whooping cries at night. While they are at it, they use teamwork to further increase their annoyance. A pack of coyotes making disturbing noises at night is pretty common in the US woods neighboring house areas.

8. Hawks

Although red-tailed hawks are not nocturnal, they sometimes make high-pitched noises in the evening time. But remember, this is not an activity they will do very commonly.

Hawks are not forest-only birds anymore. They have become accustomed to living alongside humans a long time ago. In fact, you may see a few of these birds in your parks in the afternoon.

What To Do When You Hear Whooping Noises At Night?

It is pretty common to think of self-defense whenever you hear super weird noises from the woods, isn’t it? Because various types of animals are criminals for the crime of making heart-wrenching sounds at night. 

So, what to do when you hear them? In fact, doing nothing is good enough. After all, animals don’t mean to make these sounds to attack or scare you.

But if you want to take some precautionary steps to feel more confident at night, then consider taking the following steps: 

  • Keep the campfire burning
  • Keep a bear horn with you
  • Be confident, not afraid.

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Concluding Words

Well, that’s all there is to it, people. Now that you’ve got a clear understanding on what animals can make whooping sounds at night.

Either you get a surprise from animals at night or not, we hope this information helps you in the future. If you found our article helpful, we are flattered to be of help. 

We hope the next time you go camping at night, you will be more informed and educated because of this discussion above. So, hope to see ya in the woods, pal!!

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