What Animal Sounds Like A Cat Meowing?

You probably hear a noise at most nights and sometimes in the day. The sound is similar to a cat meowing. Yes, you have a cat. But the sound you hear is not like what your cat makes- it’s almost the same, but a bit different. 

[It’s Gray Catbirds]

Anyway, you can detect it definitely flies as the sound moves so fast at times, which is impossible for a land animal to run at lightning speed. So, the question that appears in your mind is- what animal sounds like a cat? Specifically, what bird sounds like a cat?

Here in this article, we will introduce you to the bird that makes a cat-meowing sound. So, join us and keep reading till the end. 

What Animal Sounds Like A Cat Meowing?

Gray catbird sounds like a cat meowing. Gray catbirds are called catbirds because they make cat-like sounds, which is just one of their iconic calls. These birds can produce hundreds of unique sounds. 

They are part of the mimicking songbird family and they can mimic other animals as well as man-made noises. The cat-bird’s vocal cords are so complex. They can manipulate each side of their throat independently of the other. As a result, they can sing two different notes at the same time. 

What Animal Sounds Like A Cat Meowing?

You can easily detect the catbird’s song from the northern mockingbird or the brown thrasher. In general, the mockingbird repeats the phrases or songs 3-4 times, while the thrasher pronounces its song twice. But the catbird only sings a phrase one time. 

However, the song of the catbird sounds raspy and less musical than the mockingbird. 

There are several reasons the catbirds make a mewing sound. Firstly, it mews to warn the predators. It seems like it tells you why you are here, just get out of here. 

Another goal of making a cat-like mew is to let other companions know that ‘I am over here’. 

Besides gray catbirds, mountain lions also make a sound that is similar to an overgrown house cat, especially when they growl & hiss. 


What animal meows at night?

Obviously, cats meow at night. They will mew in the middle of the night if they are hungry or the environment you keep them in is changed. It mews to grab your attention. So, feed it with enough food if your cat is hungry. On the other hand, give it some toys to let it play with if you add a new air freshener. 

Can owls sound like cats?

Yes, owls, especially the Great Horned Owl can sound like cats. They open & close the beaks in rhythm to make noise, which is similar to the cat-meowing sound. The Great Horned Owl makes this sound for dinner. But wild owls make a whooping sound at night.

What does a crying kitten sound like?

Kittens make several types of crying sounds. For example, they meow that is like pleading or drawn out. It’s a serious type of crying, which means it wants to grab your attention for help like asking to feed it. On the other hand, if it’s crying longer than pleading, understand it gets angry and is in distress. And it makes this crying sound when it can’t see its little baby. Indeed, a crying meow means it calls its baby to come back. 

Can a raccoon sound like a cat?

Generally, raccoons can’t make a cat-meowing sound. However, the sound it produces when fighting each other seems like two cats fighting each other. It means a fighting raccoon makes a fighting cat sound. 


If you are living in North America, don’t be surprised if you hear a cat-meowing sound when you see no cat around you. It’s a catbird that makes cat-like sounds. Due to its complex vocal cord, it mimics different noises.

Generally, it makes cat-like sounds to warn off predators or notify other catbirds to let them know it’s over there. 

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