What Should Be Used To Screw On Broadheads?

Every activity we undertake demands a lot of precision and skills. The spot of bowing hunting its one of the crucial outdoor activity that requires excellent preparation. We all know that hunting is a fun and enjoyable experience, indeed. But sometimes it’s a bit hard if you intend to target a particular object. However, what makes it hard is the lack of a well-fixed broad-head. To make bowing easy and enjoyable, you need proper equipment and too.  By tools, we only mean getting the right broadhead and fixing correctly.

Broad-heads demands proper screwing and installing. But we need to ask ourselves what is used in screwing the broad-heads? This is the critical question that you should ask yourself. First, before we look at what should be used, we can’t afford to look at some things.

Three distinct Broadheads types

Broadheads types

  • Detachable: They are mainly designed so that the user may replace them. Once the broadhead becomes blunt or gets damaged, you can easily remove it. Before determining the method of screwing, consider the broadhead type.
  • Fixed Blades: Most of the traditional hunters and old school prefer these models.  They feature a full profile as compared to the other types. Superglue is used to fix them onto the shaft and is excellently compliable with any bows.
  • Expandable or Mechanical Blades: Mechanical heads are usually typified because of their opening up functionality. In simple words, the broadhead retracts after you release the shaft and opens up when you hit the object. Expandable broadheads are suitable with bows that are a bit heavy.

What should be used to screw on Broadheads?

You can either use one of the three different styles to attach or screw the broadhead.


Riveting is a common way to screw your broadhead to the shaft. It is a sure and effective way to ensure that the broadhead is firmly screwed. To screw in, you require a broadhead wrench and a well-designed screw to fix the arrowhead. But for the information, you can refer to the instruction booklet. You need following the steps one by one for effective and perfect screwing


Tying is another attaching the broadheads to the shaft. In this style, you need to have a ring or nylon rope to attach the broadhead to the shaft. However, tying is a crude method to screw as the blade might come unstuck.


Gluing the most common method used in screwing broadhead. The reason has been that it’s effective and secure. Besides, it requires less maintenance, and it’s safe and secure. You can either use cold or hot glue technique. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

Hot glue

Hot glue is one of the popular methods of attaching broadhead to the arrow shaft.  The mast of the people prefers hot glue due to its availability and efficiency. The technique is commonly among archers and bow-hunters to screw their broadheads. Besides that, heating can effectively and efficiently remove the attached broadhead with hot glue. If you are looking forward to working with several types of fixed broad-heads, then the hot glue is the best.  You can take the full advantage of the hot glue, and your hunting will be enjoyable.

Hot Glue

The best thing with hot glue is the ability to detach any arrowhead any time you wish.  The process of separating is easy with hot glue, unlike other methods. However, you need to keep in mind that you can easily damage the broadhead. Therefore be careful while you are heating the same detachment area to ensure you don’t destroy.

For you to reduce the possibility of damaging the broadhead, they are something you should consider. Make sure you apply heat source that has a minimum amount of heat.  Also, consider using a mild or low heat source while unfastening the arrowhead. The heat source without ceramic coating is the best to use for perfect results. You need to reduce cases of using a torch for heating your arrowhead. You can use a spirit lamp to ensure you minimize damage possibility.

  • Easy to use whiles screwing the broadhead
  • The broadhead can be easily removed
  • Aligning the broadhead is easy after gluing
  • The method is safe and secure to use
  • Time-saving technique and easy
  • They are chances of burning the broadhead
  • The intense could lead to damage
  • Requires a heat source to screw the broadhead

Cold glue

Cold GlueYou can also use cold glue to attach the broadhead to the arrow shaft. Superglue or commercial adhesive is the ordinary cold glue to use for effective attachment. Although it’s a new method, it has several advantages. The process is the same as fastening the broadhead with hot glue. The main difference is that the cold glue process requires instant set in. The cold adhesive is suitable for archers you intend to participate in competitions and tournaments.

However, removing the broadhead, it’s not easy, like using the hot glue. So, it requires some additional chemicals, thus might be costly. In addition, it requires some time for it to get started. Besides that, it has its advantages. The cold glue can withstand a hard impact, thus suitable for bow hunters.

  • Easy and faster due to its instantaneous ability
  • No risk of damaging the broadhead
  • Requires fewer tools unlike the hot glue
  • No need to use a source of heat
  • Difficult to alight if you sue superglue
  • It’s not easy to remove the broadhead
  • The glue becomes brittle after setting increasing the chances of cracking

Final verdict

By now, you should have an idea of what you should use to screw on broadheads. You are so aware of the equipment you need to use while screwing your broadhead to the shaft. The type of broadhead does not matter much as the process of attaching. So, whether you intend to use wood or carbon arrows, make sure you screw the broadhead well.

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