When Do Whippets Calm Down?

Whippets are one of the most popular dog species with loneliness anxiety. They dislike being alone and start crying or barking for being lonely. The good news is their non-stop barking stops at a specific age. But when is that age? When do whippets calm down?

Generally, whippets calm down between the age of 6 months and 1 year. It depends on their physical and mental growth, the owner’s behavior, and training. By observing some factors, you can easily understand if your whippet is about to enter the calm down phase. 

A lot of cases show that whippets calm down lately due to some obstructions. They require proper counseling from the vet and extra care. Regular exercise and training sessions couldn’t be enough for every whippet’s growth.

How do you understand your whippets have reached maturity to calm down?

Whippet puppies calm down after a certain age and they express that with some factors. By observing some contributing factors, you can easily determine if your whippets have gained that maturity. 

When Do Whippets Calm Down?

Development in personality

Even after breeding, many whippets can’t achieve their owner’s expectation to stay calm. The only reason is their lack of personality. The development in personality includes showing gratitude and timely response. Also, not shouting without any reason is a part of the change. 

Behavior in presence of other animals

It’s natural for puppies to be excited after seeing new animals in the residence. But, the excitement is temporary and their friendly instinct doesn’t disappear easily. But, some puppies may start creating loud noises in the presence of other animals. Even some mature puppies show ridiculous behavior when they see other animals. 

Physical maturity

Whippet’s physical maturity depends on surroundings, the owner’s behavior, and other factors. It’ll take from 6 months to 12 months to grow the fullest maturity of whippets. Within this interval, whippets get habituated to a routine. Also, their teeth grow perfectly, which makes it hard for them to move their mouth continuously. 

After achieving training capability

A few weeks old puppies don’t have much developed cognitive functions. When they start to respond to training, their age would be around 10-16 weeks. Whippets around 6 months old are highly curious to know new things. That’s why they focus on training rather than barking.  

Dog socialization

The social maturity of your dog is a big factor to understand the whippet’s calm-down maturity. Either under socialization or over socialization causes whippet’s socialization hindered. Understanding canine signaling is one of the largest hints to understanding dog socialization. Proper dog socialization leads your whippets to reach a calm down phase.

How to train them to calm down soon

Following a specific routine will improve their personality and make them calm.  Here are some tips for training them to calm down. 

Regular exercise

  • Making whippets habituated to walking regularly is the priority. Whippets aren’t physically that strong. So, don’t force them to train walking for more than 15-20 minutes.
  • Swimming could be a good exercise to improve agility and concentration. But, don’t let whippets stay in water hours after hour. 
  • A treadmill is a good option to train your whippets from home. It’s good for training whippets with both walking and running. 

Making whippets work for food

  • Working for food will emit useful hormones to the whippet’s body. As a result, its calm down state will appear soon. 
  • Start by alluring them with their favorite dishes. Unless they can complete your task, you shouldn’t give them the food. 
  • Never give any difficult task that a little whippet can’t perform easily. Reward them even if they’ve partially completed the task. 
  • The task could be something easy like bringing the ball, solving puzzles, and others. Snuffle mats, treat towers, and puzzles are also good options for whippets. 

Sports training

  • Agility

Thousands of sports are waiting to improve the whippet’s agility. It includes tunnels, over jumps, over walls, and responding to the directions. These actions help whippets to feel physically fit and mentally competent. 

  • Flyball

Flyball training may seem difficult for whippets at an early age. It’s all about jumping over the hurdles, catching the ball, and returning to the initial line. 

  • Dock Diving

Dock diving is an effective way to stop whippet barking. This water sport has two types: long Jump & High Jump. Long jump includes jumping over a specific path and the length should be increased day by day. High jump includes throwing a ball and catching it timely. Throw the ball higher to train your whipper more efficiently. 

Dispose of exterior simulations 

  • Whippets make loud noises in the presence of lights and sounds. Train your whippet to stay away from exterior simulations like sound and light.
  • Other animal sounds may disturb the whippet’s sleep or regular activities. Try to keep other animals calm so that your whippet is calm down. 

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What if your whippets do not calm down at maturity?

Let’s see what we can do if the whippets do not calm down at maturity.

Meet a vet immediately

  • Talk with the nearest vet if your whippet isn’t both physically and mentally mature within the time.
  • Before meeting the vet, note down all the problems of your whippet. What’s making it barking and not calming down should be prioritized here. 

Spend more time with the whippet

  • Start following the vet’s instructions word to word. 
  • In the meantime, you should spend more time with your whippet to level up its maturity stage. 
  • If possible, try to uphold the behavior of mature whippets in front of your whippet. It may magically work within a few days. 

Start the training session again

  • It’s never too late to train your whippet to calm down even when the maturity stage has arrived. Start by doing mild tasks like walking, food-winning games, and others. 
  • Then, habituate your whippet with a routine and notice if its behavior gets improved day by day.


Whippets barking isn’t problematic until it makes you disturbed. The answer of- “when do whippets calm down” must have cleared. Whippets will surely calm down. The fact is you need to hold your patience and train them up accordingly. 

Dog socialization isn’t an easy task, at least not for the whippets. Their physical and mental structure demands extra care. All they need is love and affection from their owner. 

Don’t get scared seeing your whippets not calm down even after passing one year of age. Try for a few more months to train them up. Find out the problem and adhere to resolve it. Your whippet’s personality will charm you one day.

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