Where do Ground Squirrels Live?

Ground squirrels can be invasive and spread rabies, bubonic plague, leptospirosis, and so on. Finding their shelters and killing them off is the only solution for some. So, where do ground squirrels live?

For starters, they prefer living in open grasslands and places where there are tons of grains, irrigated pastures, and meadows. However, they can still appear in your yard, destroying your beloved garden plants. 

Today, we will explore the living habitat of ground squirrels and how you can remove them permanently.

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Where do you find ground squirrels?

Usually, they live in open fields, pastures, sparsely wooded hillsides, and so on. But due to lack of proper habitat, they may burrow down on your yard, golf course, garden, and of course, parks. You will find ground squirrels in all these places. Try spotting a squirrel and see where it burrows down. 

Where do Ground Squirrels Live?

Where do ground squirrels burrow?

As the name suggests, ground squirrels burrow underground, where the ground is soft and dry. So, can you find them almost anywhere? Well, no. They prefer big open fields with tons of grains to eat. In cities, ground squirrels may burrow into your garden or the yards. 

What states do ground squirrels live in?

Ground squirrels can live almost anywhere, especially places where the temperature isn’t too low. However, you may see a variation in the species such as the Arctic, thirteen-lined, cape, and of course, the California ground squirrels. Ground squirrels live all over the US, so you can expect them to pop up practically anywhere. 

Top 5 ground squirrel species living places

There are more than 62 ground squirrel species worldwide. We have chosen the top 5 most renowned squirrel species and described their living places. Let’s begin.

Arctic ground squirrels

These species of squirrels live in the Arctic and Subarctic regions of North America. Arctic squirrels make burrows on mountain slopes, river flats, banks, and also lakeshores. They also live in sandy soil, as it is easier to dig and has a good drainage system. 

Thirteen lined ground squirrels 

Another native species to North America is the thirteen-lined ground squirrel. It has a brownish far and about 13 alternating brown and white lines on the back. They live on grassy plains and eat grass, weed seeds, etc. You can also find them in yards or homes near grass fields. 

Red Squirrels

In North America, Red Squirrels are the most widespread squirrel species of them all. In other parts of the US, they are known as fox squirrels or red coat squirrels. They are the squirrel species, which makes their way on big trees. You will often find them making burrows underground to store their food. 

California ground squirrels

As the name suggests, California ground squirrels are native to California. These squirrels are also called Beechey ground squirrels in the Western United States. White spots coat their entire body, and the underside is lighter. Usually, they burrow down into the ground in places where there are tons of vegetation. 

Washington ground squirrel

Washington ground squirrels are the native squirrel species of the Pacific Northwest states of Washington and Oregon. They live in the sagebrush or on grasslands. If you are ever encountered a brownish white squirrel in these areas, it is probably a Washington Ground Squirrel. 

Do ground squirrels live alone?

Squirrels may live alone during the summers, but when the winter chill hits, they make a warm pack. Other than that, parent squirrels take care of their young until maturity. If you ever see a small squirrel, it is probably lost, or the mother is near.


How do I get rid of ground squirrels permanently?

Traps and poison are the two best ways to get rid of ground squirrels. To make a squirrel trap, set up some food in a trapping cage and wait for the squirrel to arrive. If you want to poison the whole squirrel family, try using Contrac Blox, Final Blox, Farnam Just One Bite II, or JT Eaton blocks.

How big is a ground squirrel’s territory?

Generally, a ground squirrel can take up to 150 yards of territory. However, it’s the males that tend to be more aggressive when it comes to the territory. Males will fight with one another to take hold of areas and then mate with the females. 

How do I get rid of ground squirrels in my yard?

Ground squirrels can be a pain in the neck, especially if you have a beautiful yard. They dig up the ground and put holes almost everywhere. To get rid of ground squirrels from the yard, you can use poison or squirrel traps. If you don’t want to kill any squirrel, using a trap should be your best choice. 

How many ground squirrels live in a burrow?

In a regular squirrel burrow, you can expect to find anywhere from 2 to 25 squirrels. The number is maximum when the winter chills hit, and the number falls during the Spring and summer. Male squirrels are often aggressive about their territory and burrow during mating season. 

Are ground squirrels and gophers the same thing?

Ground squirrels and gophers are relatives that descend from the tree squirrel species. However, ground squirrels have a diet of grass, seeds, nuts, fruits, and so on. On the other hand, gophers thrive only on roots that grow underground.

What is the difference between a marmot and a ground squirrel?

Marmot tends to have a bigger size than ground squirrels. Turns out, they are closely related and have a similar diet. Other than the size, there are hardly any differences between them. 

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Hope now you know where ground squirrels live and how to find them. Unusually, they are territorial and can claim anywhere between 100 to 150 wards of your land. 

They devour plants, entire gardens, and also small saplings. If you want to get rid of these pets, try applying poison or adding a trap. 

In Spring or summer, ground squirrels stay scattered and store food in their burrows. You can spot them by monitoring the land for holes. 

This is all for today. Have a good day.

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