Which Shotgun Choke is Best For Hunting A Large, Slow Bird, Such As A Turkey?

Do you necessarily need to spend a considerable amount of dollars to purchase top class shotguns for hunting large slow birds? Different shotgun choke varies in efficiency, performance, and length. Also, the level of constriction to a certain extent will vary with the manufacturer. However, there is a standard diameter range that all shotgun choke should maintain. In most occasions, hunters use shotgun choke to kill prey, such as penguins and turkeys.

In case you are a turkey hunter, you need a choke that is more efficient with a larger diameter. Turkeys are particular types of birds, meaning you need a piece of equipment that assures you high performance. Besides, you need a shotgun choke with a quick shot. The spread distance of the pellet determines the speed of the shooting.

How to choose the best shotgun choke

How to choose the best shotgun choke

Before we look at the best chokes for hunting large, slow birds, there are several things you need to contemplate.  There are three specific types of chokes you need to consider.

  • Fixed shotgun chokes.

These types of chokes have the design of inherent parts of the cask that are considered permanent and cannot alter except by the help of a gunsmith. It means that you cannot change the barrel yourself once you have purchased it. Fixed chokes are long-lasting shotguns with higher efficiency than their counterparts.

  • Interchangeable shotgun chokes

Unlike the fixed chokes, you can replace these types of shotguns. Meaning you can alter the constriction and set the diameter of the choke as you wish it to be. The external style of the barrel is temporal, meaning you can interchange.

  • Adjustable shotgun chokes

You can adjust the pattern or style of this barrel range any time without challenges. All you need to do is rotate the sleeve and let the collar widen hence changing the diameter of the barrel.

Which Shotgun Choke Is Best For Hunting A Large, Slow Bird, Such As A Turkey?

Full Shotgun Choke

The best choke you need to consider is the full one. Due to its wide diameter, it is among the most reliable type of choke in the market today. Make sure that this kind of choke is not modified. Why? Because when you are hunting, your prey will be at a distance giving you an option of only having a choke that will lead your shot in the right direction. You can shot the bird at a long reach without missing only with a full shotgun choke.

Hunting with a full shotgun choke is almost 100% accurate. Having this in mind, you will save your bullets and the time you need to stay in the jungle. Considering that some large birds such as the turkey are very slow, your shot will get them just before they run away.

Hunting with a full choke can be fun. What you need to consider is the distance between you and the prey. Full choke is ultimately the best type of shotgun choke for your successful hunting trips.

Turkey Shotgun Choke Tube

The most common preferred large, slow bird to hunt is the turkey. It weighs many pounds and be a delicious spice or stew. If you are a good fan of turkey hunting, then you can consider getting a turkey specific choke tube. In terms of performance, these types of shotgun chokes have a higher return than full chokes.

They have a wider barrel ensuring your shot is accurate, and they have more speed. Besides, the cask can be adjusted to enhance shooting at any distance. This kind of shotgun choke is specifically for the use of turkey hunting. In case you want to have a taste of other birds, you can try different types of shotgun chokes as well.

Tukey Shotgun Chokes

Extra Full Shotgun Choke

Are you a fan of the full variant of choke? Extra full choke operates like a full shotgun choke. It has no limitations since it can fit in any shotgun. You don’t need to worry about the diameter of the barrel. It is wide enough and tighter to take maximum shots even in longer distances. With Extra Shotgun Choke, you can also take down large flying birds. Meaning slow birds like the turkey will have no option than to accept your call.

M.A.D. Max Shotgun Choke Tube

For those who love nothing more than technology, this is the best shotgun choke option for you. MAD Max can be said to be a computerized version of a shotgun choke tube that gives you maximum performance. It has a port design with gaseous material to ease the recoil hence providing a quicker recovery second shot. Meaning that your bullet won’t be affected by the was on the pattern.

The most distinctive feature of Max shotgun choke is the minimum constant constriction that can be adjusted. This unique feature maximizes the consistency of the design by more than 30%. Also, it allows for easy set up with the help of the two-hole opening. In case the choke is loose, you can easily use a screwdriver to tighten it.

The internal design of a shotgun choke

It has three main groups.

  • Conical Parallel

It includes a cone that combines with the parallel section to charge the shot and give it stability as it leaves the choke. Full and Extra shotgun chokes have a better design of the conical parallel.

  • Straight Conical

Unlike the parallel conical, straight conical has a cone only. It means that the ending point of the cone means the exiting point of the shot. Straight Conical is very common in the turkey shotgun choke tube.

  • Wad Retarding

They use bumps to project the shot since they don’t have the constriction like the other designs. Meaning the shot pattern can be altered by the design of projection. This design is not common to many shotgun chokes.

Final Verdict

As noted earlier, shotguns vary in pattern and design. Make sure you purchase a choke that can fit your rifle for increased efficiency. Once you get the type of choke you want, be sure to stay with it for an extended period without any compromises. Shotgun chokes are durable hence can serve you for an extended time. Also, consider a shotgun choke that assures your accuracy and speed.

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