Which Shotgun Chokes are Best for Hunting Small, Fast, Close Birds?

A choke is a tapered constriction of a gun barrel at the muzzle end. Chokes are often used with modern target shotguns to improve performance. There are different types of chokes, and each is designed to suit the hunting of different kinds of prey.

When you are preparing to go for a Hunt, you need to choose the right weapon. Usually, the gun you want will depend on the type of prey that you have in mind. You have got to be very selective when choosing a shotgun for your hunt. Below we shall look at the best shotgun chokes for hunting small, fast, Close Birds.

Shotgun Chokes for duck hunting

Types of shotgun chokes

The most common shotgun chokes include the following

  • Cylinder choke
  • Improved cylinder choke
  • Modified choke
  • Full choke
  • Skeet choke
  • Rifled choke

These types of chokes are categorized into three general groups which are:

Interchangeable chokes

These come in two types. The first one is the “screw-in” which is attached inside the barrel and the “screw-on” which is attached externally. When you need to change the degree of constriction, you can remove the choke and replace it with one which has a different diameter.

Fixed chokes

These are made as an essential part of the barrel. The choke can not be changed unless a gunsmith replaces it. Once there are any altercations, they will stay permanently.

Adjustable chokes

These are adjustable throughout the whole field. You turn a sleeve which will either collapse or allow the collet to expand to change the exit diameter.

What is the use of a choke on a shotgun?

First, you need to understand the primary purpose of a choke in a shotgun. The choke is specially made to shape how your shot will spread once you pull the trigger. That way, you can have high accuracy with each shot you make.

use of a choke on a shotgun

In this case, when hunting for fast, small Birds, a good pattern is one that is large enough and dance to ensure various hits on the target. Chokes are different, and they will all give you different results depending on your range and the type of prey you are hunting. We recommend you choose the right choke depending on how you want to use your shotgun.

Which Shotgun Chokes are Best for Hunting Small, Fast, Close Birds?

Birds usually appear small and quick when you are shooting them. Some can be pretty close by. You will need the best shotgun with the right choke to have a clean shot that won’t destroy your prey. There are precisely two types of shotgun chokes that are best in this scenario. These include a shotgun with an improved cylinder choke or a modified choke.

Improved cylinder choke

An improved cylinder choke will give you 0.01 inches of constriction. This allows the short pattern to spread quickly and instantly, hitting your target. When shooting at a close range, an improved cylinder choke will provide you with extra firepower.

A shotgun with an improved cylinder choke will help you stay accurate easily and be able to target your prey. The best way to tell whether you have an improved cylinder choke is by looking at the number of notches on its Rim. If they are four Slim cut notches on the rim, then you can surely know that you have got an improved cylinder choke.

Modified choke

Modified choke is the best for medium distances of about 30 to 40 yards. When hunting birds which are small and at a close-range, you won’t need an open choke or a choke with a very heavy constriction. A modified choke offers moderate compression to your shots. With such, you have better accuracy and the best amount of spreading both at the same time.

Constriction size of this type of choke is 0.02 inches. How does this make that choke best when shooting birds? Take a look at the number of pellets that are within a 30-inch radius while shooting at a range of 40 yards. This choke will let at least 60% of the pallets from the shell to reach your prey at the 40-yard field.

This is 10% more than what you will get with an improved cylinder choke and way better than the other chokes when shooting birds. You will be able to hit your target accurately when they are at close range. You can tell that it is a modified choke if it has three notches on its Rim.

Different Shotgun Chokes

Understanding shotgun choke pattern

Remember to check the design of your shotgun with the type of ammunition you want to use. Shotguns are different; therefore, the choke pattern will depend on the kind of rifle plus the length of the barrel.

Choke pattern comes in percentage like 50% 60%, just like what we mentioned in the modified choke. You can do pattern testing at a range of 40 yards when using any of the shotgun chokes for small bird hunting. The whole purpose of testing the pattern is to offer you a chance to select the right choke.

The right choke will throw a pattern large enough without having the pellets far apart to miss your target. The best, in this case, this case would be one that is even in Pallet distribution through the 30-inch circle.

Final Words

When preparing to go hunting, don’t just go for any shotgun choke. Instead, choose a shotgun choke that will help you hit your target accurately and one that won’t destroy your target. Remember that all chokes are different, and some come installed on specific shotguns.

Choose the right load and choke combination that will give you a clean shot without destroying your bird. When hunting for small Birds, it’s essential to choose a choke that will deliver dense patterns. Precision is only got when you select the right weapon. Therefore, we hope this guide has helped you understand the type of shotgun chokes that are best for hunting small, fast Close Birds.

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