Squirrels- Adorable but A Dangerous Nuisance

Calling the squirrels one of the adorable creatures among thousands of animal species will not be wrong. It would be just the fitting description of this cute little specimen with big round eyes, small hands, a petite body, and a bushy tail. However, this is a specimen pretty dangerous to humans. Not only is it known to carry umpteen diseases, but it also is a nuisance if it somehow makes its way to one’s house.

One single squirrel is enough to ruin your entire household, let alone a group of squirrels. Nothing in the house is safe from its sharp teeth and habit to decimate. And when it’s pooping and peeing around the house, the pestering takes a whole new turn. So, it’s a specimen good to look at from a distance, but it is better if it keeps away from entering your home, even the territory.

What is a Group of Squirrels Called?

It is not too unlikely in many areas where people struggle to manage a group of squirrels entering their properties and destroying important stuff. Houses, warehouses, all the places where you keep important stuff and stocked food are in grave danger if it’s an area ruled by a group of squirrels. So, what is a group of squirrels called? The group of squirrels is either called a dray or a scurry.

What is a Group of Squirrels Called

They are more interested in ruining the stored food as, in the winter season, they will laze around feeding themselves with the food they stocked by decimating others precious stocked food. The  squirrels don’t even eat what they bite. They just bite and leave the entire thing to rot. And that we are talking about fruits, flowers, and forage, the goods, and cleanliness still remain undiscussed.

Squirrels Populate Too Fast

You might have let a cute squirrel roaming outside your house, even on your porch, not thinking about the consequences, but that’s what most of us do, considering it as a not-so-harmful being. It’s not necessary to scare the being by hurting them.

You can do your best to scare them to not think of returning to your premises. Because chances are very high, that, this very being will soon mate. And within a couple of months will have multiple kittens in its kitty, and your whole yard will be overpopulated with these.

Just imagine if it’s a dray, and its multiple kittens, the atmosphere will be hard to leave with their noisy chirps, pooping and peeing, and lastly, the habit of chomping everything that is in front of them from fruits hanging on the trees to the flowers in the pots for digging the nuts they collected.

It will be almost impossible for you to stop the whole dray from entering your main house. One or two will surely make their way, and the rest will follow. So, better to try your best to shoo them away even before you see one entering your territory.

Types Of Squirrels

There are about 200 species, more than that actually when it comes to categorizing different squirrel types. Some are endangered, some are in abundance, and some are already extinct. However, the three most common species are tree squirrels, ground squirrels, and flying squirrels.

Types Of Squirrels

Among the three, the most common is the tree squirrels, and as the name suggests, they live in trees making their nest with leaves, twigs, leaves, and other natural stuff. A nest has just one squirrel in it as the specimen prefers living alone in its nest in the tree.

However, not all types prefer living alone as, on the contrary, a dray of ground squirrels live in the ground. Digging burrows for their comfortable stay even in the cold temperature in winter.

Just like the tree squirrels, flying squirrels also make their nests on the trees. Its crooks and cavities, but unlike the tree squirrels, flying squirrels don’t leave the trees too often. Instead, they glide and jump and reach the spots aligned at a height similar to the trees. These are not tree squirrels, so their nest being in trees is not mandatory. They also build their nest on rocks and caves. Basically, height is what matters to them.

Aggressive For Food

A dray or a scurry will aggressively search for its food, roam around the houses and explore some in the dustbins. And if they fail to get food there, they will not hesitate to search for an entrance to the home or warehouse. Squirrels hardly fear humans so roaming around the house to search for food. Then nesting between bricks or small crevices and attic spaces that fit them perfectly. And it is not a difficult decision to make for them. Making your life full of danger in the form of tularemia, typhus, plague. Even Encephalitis and all sorts of nasty diseases.

Even if the dray or the scurry hasn’t resided in your house yet and just lives around it, albeit outside, even then, it can spread these complex diseases. If that was not annoying, these little creatures have no fear of the electrical lines. They chew those thick, dangerous lines comfortably walking on them and decimate them, causing hours of power disruptions and electrical fires. Once it has entered your house, it’s too difficult to remove them, more difficult than one could even imagine.

An Intelligent Species with Sharp Memory

If the sharp teeth and claws were not enough, squirrels have sharp memories too. A memory so sharp and intense that it can recognize a specific person who was not a threat to it. And all the safe food sources provided to them by that individual, albeit unknowingly.

Squirrel - An Intelligent Species with Sharp Memory

How considerate? However, you, not being a threat to the dray, will not keep it away from destroying your properties or food stock. They remember you only because you failed to restrict them from fulfilling their needs. Otherwise, the squirrels are intelligent enough not to revisit the area where searching for food was full of danger, an arduous task.

The Times They Are the Most Aggressive

Never mess up with a squirrel with nuts in its hands. Keep yourself at a far distance from a mother squirrel and its kittens. Do not put your hand in a dark squirrel den. These are the types and situations, which and where this already-vicious rodent is ultra-vicious to anything that is in front of them.

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It might be sweet to look at, but at the end of the day, it still is a rodent with sharp teeth, claws, and noisy vocals. Which expands too fast, spreads diseases faster and decimates important stuff. The endearing look hardly compensates for all the hassles it brings with the dray. So, better beware.

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  1. I have a squirrel and when I shout from in the house “Squirrel” he runs from the bird feeder, but now other squirrels are coming. Should I stop feeding birds or shout “Squirrel” more.

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